Tea Zone Frying Batter Mix, Extra Crispy - 13.22 lbs bag

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A light and crispy batter for dee/pan frying. Ideal for all types of fried meats & vegetables.

• Extra crispy
• Just add water to create batter
• Pre-seasoned
• Works on meats and seafood

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The Tea Zone Frying Batter Mix allows you to easily prepare amazing deep-fried foods with a flavorful pre-seasoned mix; just add water then coat your meat or vegetables. This batter mix is made with tapioca starch which helps the coated meats maintain its crispiness even after being dipped in the sauce! Starch-based batters produce a light but crispy texture versus wheat flours. It is also popularly used in Asian cuisine.

Suggested use: Mix 1 cup batter mix with 3/4 water per 2lbs of meat.

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