Cups & Lids

Shop cups & lids at LollicupStore. Offer something cold or hot to drink all year long with Karat cups and matching lids. Karat® and Karat Earth® provide cups and lids that will hold and secure any beverage hot or cold. Karat lids also fit other name brands adding versatility. Karat Earth offers eco-friendly options made out of PLA. There is a cup for every purpose! 


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Showing 1-36 of 175 relults

Which cups & lids go together?

Cups have different rim diameters so you will need to match the lid with the same diameters; each diameter is listed in the product description. Plastic cups are available in sizes: 78mm, 92mm 98mm, 107mm, and 104.5mm. Paper cups come in these sizes: 80mm & 90mm.

Cup & lids bundles take the guess work out of find the right pair. Shop bundles here


Can I get custom cups with lids?

Any plastic or paper cup without a stock print can be custom printed with your business logo. There is a low minimum order requirement and fast turnaround! To get your quote for custom cups, click here to fill out the form.


What is the difference between plastic cups with lids?

Karat disposable cups are made from different materials depending on your business’s needs. PET Cups are durable, crack-resistant, and are high clarity. These cups are great for cup about any cold beverage from iced tea to smoothies. PP Cups are among the most popular products used in the beverage industry. These are lightweight, shatter-proof, and translucent. PS Cups are thin, translucent, and economical. They are commonly used as water cups in restaurants or by cold water dispensers. PLA Cups are derived from renewable resources such as corn starch, tapioca roots, or sugarcane. Karat Earth PLA Cups are BPI, Cedar Grove, and CMA certified. 


How many ounces to cups is each Karat cup?

There are 8 US fluid ounces in 1 US cup, so the volume conversions are as follows:

• 12 oz to cups is 1 ½ cups

• 16 oz to cups is 2 cups

• 24 oz to cups is 3 cups

• 32 oz to cups is 4 cups