To-Go Packaging

To-Go Packaging comes in a variety of sizes that are perfect for snacks, side dishes, entrees, desserts, and more. Karat to-go packaging is sturdy, leak-resistant and perfect for taking your meals on the go. This is your one-stop shop for restuarant supplies!


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Showing 1-36 of 312 relults


What is a hinged container?

Hinged containers come with an attached lid and bottom that open up like a clam shell. These types of conatiners come in either plastic or styrofoam. The plastic hinged containers are also referred to as deli containers, popularly used in deli shops to pack sandwiches and sides.

What size plastic deli container do I need?

We carry a wide range of sizes for any purpose. The 8 oz deli containers may be good for small sides like coleslaw or mac n cheese. The 16 or 24 oz plastic containers are great for things like a fruit bowl or cold pasta salad. These can hold both hot or cold food so you can even use the 32 oz to transport a large bowl of soup.

Are deli containers microwavable?

Karat injection molding deli containers are microwave safe. You can securely store food in this deli containers with lid and then reheat it in the microwave when you are ready.

When to use disposable portion cups with lids instead of paper souffle cups?

Paper portion cups, or souffle cups, are best used for indoor or outdoor dining since there is no cover. Just dispense any condiment into the cups and enjoy right away. The plastic portion cups with lids are ideal to send a side of sauce with take out orders.

Do you sell Chinese food take out boxes?

Yes! We carry many different sizes of fold to go boxes, also known as Chinese food take out boxes.

Are paper take out boxes microwave safe?

Paper food containers are designed with double poly lining to prevent leaking and sweating when microwaved. You can put our paper take out boxes inside the microwave.

Is LollicupStore a wholesale restaurant supplier? provides essential disposable products in bulk for businesses in the food service industry from cups and lids to take out containers. We are your premier restaurant supplier for wholesale to go containers and more!

Are there discounts for purchasing wholesale?

LollicupStore coupons are available here and may offer discounts on restaurant supplies. The benefit of purchasing wholesale to go containers online is that there is no minimum order amounts. For larger monthly orders, please contact us to see if you qualify for tiered pricing.