Craft Almond Mimosas

By: Sabrina Huda Sanchez


What is brunch without mimosas? The classic brunch cocktail is traditionally made with one part chilled champagne and one part cold orange juice stirred and served in a champagne flute. Named after its similarly-colored Golden Mimosa Tree, this sparkling orange cocktail is synonymous with Sunday brunch. If you love bottomless mimosas then the best thing to do is make them yourself so you’ll never have to wait to be topped off! Even better, switch up the flavor profile with this craft almond mimosa recipe.

Craft Almond Mimosa Recipe


‧ 3 oz chilled champagne
‧ 3 oz chilled orange juice
‧ 1 tbp DaVinci Natural Almond Flavored Syrup

1. Add almond syrup, orange juice and champagne into a champagne flute.
2. Stir lightly and enjoy...over and over again!

Tips for Making Mimosas
Mimosas are best served cold. Keep the champagne and orange juice in the refrigerator overnight and place the flutes in the freezer so everything comes together cold! Garnishes can dress up your drink for special events. Slice thin orange slices with the peel on and make a cut into a part of the peel to allow you to place onto the flute rim.

DaVinci Natural Almond Flavored Syrup
DaVinci Gourmet Natural syrups use top-quality ingredients and natural flavors. Create a sweeter cocktail with almond flavored syrup. They combine pure cane sugar with natural almond flavor that will bring a premium taste to your beverage. Use the syrup in coffee drinks, cocktails or even desserts!


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