Shopping Guide | Holiday Flavors

By: Sabrina Huda Sanchez

With each season, we begin to crave certain flavors that evoke nostalgia and joy. In December some of those flavors include peppermint, reminding us of candy canes and silver lanes aglow, or gingerbread, bringing us back to the cookie houses we made with family. On LollicupStore you can find all the seasonal flavors! Here is a list of everything you could want:




Peppermint syrups are a great way to flavor your hot chocolate or coffee lattes to make it taste like a drinkable candy cane. Find regular or sugar free varieties.

Peppermint Sauce can be used in beverages to make a creamier richer taste and texture. You can even use the sauce as a topping over ice cream or drizzle over lattes -- it’s up to you! 




Take the taste of fresh baked gingerbread cookies and add it to your drinks. Combine in a blender with milk and ice for an ice blended gingerbread treat! Available in both regular and sugar free.




People either love or hate eggnog. If you’re one of the eggnog lovers, try adding it to your milkshakes or viral whipped coffees! 



Chocolate is delicious all year round but white chocolate is especially amazing during a white winter. Swap white chocolate for regular in your hot cocoa or make a white mocha instead. Can’t go wrong when you incorporate white chocolate! 

Take your desserts to the next level with some white chocolate sauce doused on top!



Roasted nuts over an open fire is a classic holiday smell that makes you feel so warm and cozy at home. Take the essence of hazelnut with any of these syrups.


What do you think about this list? Are you in the winter mood yet?