Mochi Ice Cream Dumplings Ft. Boba

By: Phyllis Yu


Boba is now more popular than ever. When we think of authentic boba, brown sugar is what comes to mind. Boba and brown sugar is the perfect match because it connects the chewiness of the boba with the soft soothing texture of melted brown sugar, making each boba heavenly in the mouth. Thus, people are constantly coming up with new ways to incorporate a little bit of boba love into their lives, so here’s a fun twist on the traditional dumpling.

Who said dumplings had to be salty? Who said dumpling skin has to be made from flour? Why not innovate and make no-cook mochi dumplings.

Personally, I’m a really big mochi fan because I can’t get enough of that smooth, soft, and chewy texture. I am also a big dumpling fan. So after seeing a boba mochi dumpling recipe on tik tok, I was inspired.

Mochi is simple to make, so instead of buying it at a fancy Japanese supermarket, learn to make it at home. After you’ve got your homemade mochi, just add some ice cream, top it off with boba, and you’ll have yourself a boba mochi dumpling.


Vanilla Ice Cream
Tea Zone Instant Boba

To make Mochi
85g Sweet Rice Flour
25g Brown Sugar
100ml milk or water



1. Mix the mochi ingredients to make the “dumpling” skin and microwave for 90 seconds
2. Shape the finished mochi into a slightly squarish blob and choose to cut either vertically or horizontally.
3. Cut them once again so that they are slightly cubed-shaped
4. Flatten each “cube” out and viola you have your dumpling skin
5. Next, place half a spoonful of ice cream onto the dumpling skin.
6. Then top it off with boba.
7. Finally, enclose it by cinching up the top just like how you would with an actual dumpling.





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