DIY Food & Drink Trends

DIY Food & Drink Trends

By: Juliebe Talaroc


The Rise of the DIY Food and Drink Trend

Since stay at home orders have been implemented by our states nationwide, we have seen a rise of the trend, “do it yourself” or “do it at home”. With many people staying at home, the luxuries we normally enjoy at a restaurant or cafe have to be done at home. 


Creative Way to Generate Cash Flow

To many businesses, this is not just any trend, but a creative way to keep generating cash flow in a pandemic. Many items like specialty coffee, or boba milk teas have long been enjoyed at cafes or boba shops, up until states began issuing stay at home orders. With people now staying at home, not as many people are purchasing drink or food items. What became apparent was people began to actually cook and create their own drinks. Business and companies took notice of this and created an opportunity for them to support this new shift in the food and beverage industry by creating kits that would create certain items like boba tea kits or step by step instructions on a food recipe with groceries included. Many are even selling their produce from their restaurants to their customers to keep ingredients from going to waste.


New Source of Entertainment

Staying entertained in a pandemic has its challenges, but as consumers began to change their eating out habits, cooking began less of a necessity, but more of an activity to do. They are seeing this has an opportunity to try that recipe video they saw on Youtube. There aren’t many places allowed open, except for essential places like grocery stores, which makes it acceptable to step out to purchase the items you need to make the food or drink recipe.


Grow Your Culinary or Barista Skills

DIY food and drinks is a great opportunity to grow your culinary or barista skills. Many who didn’t cook until after this Covid-19 pandemic have found themselves needing to grow their cooking skills. If they didn’t then they would be stuck eating microwavable food. Check out our recipes you can try at home at our LollicupStore blog!