Shopping Guide: March Madness Party

By: Sabrina Huda Sanchez


You place your bets and watch your team make it down the brackets. The second best thing to winning? The delicious foods you’re enjoying while watching the games. Finger foods like wings, nachos, fries, popcorn, and ice-cold beer are part of the sports experience. Whether you’re hosting a family gathering or your business is catering, be sure to have the right supplies to accommodate those quintessential foods and refreshments. We’ve put together the ultimate shopping guide to your March Madness viewing party. All items are available here on


Cold Cups
Where there’s wings, there’s beer. Plastic cold cups are ideal for serving beer versus solid red color cups because you can see the color and, if you have your beer on tap, the head. Ever forget where you put down your drink? Plastic cups can be sharpied with everyone’s name too!

Karat 12oz PET Plastic Cold Cups
Karat 16oz PET Plastic Cold Cups
Karat 24oz PET Plastic Cold Cups

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Prefer a more eco-friendly option? Check out these PLA Plastic Cups made from renewable resources.


Foods Trays
Nachos and fries and wings, oh my! Finger foods are the most served items at sporting events and are often the most greasy or saucy. Keep the mess contained with food trays! Manage serving size with many sizes to choose from. There are also options for a red and white Shepard’s print, which is perfect if you’re rooting for the Louisville Cardinals or Oklahoma Sooners.

Karat Food Tray - Shepherd's Check (Red) - 1.0 lb
Karat Food Tray (Kraft) - 1.0 lb
Karat Food Tray - Shepherd's Check (Red) - 5.0 lb

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Portion Cups
Dips and sauces like ranch, ketchup and BBQ are essential for your food platter. You may want to think twice about a communal bowl for dipping with those notorious double-dippers around. Portion cups are a great way to keep dips and sauces separate and sanitary. Find a wide variety of portion cup sizes to fit your needs in paper, black or clear plastic.

Karat 3.25oz Paper Portion Cups
Karat 3.25oz PP Plastic Portion Cups - Black
Karat 4oz PP Plastic Portion Cups - Clear

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Food Buckets
Grease, seasoning and sauce causing a mess? Keep it contained in Karat food buckets! These food buckets are just what you need to serve up your popcorn chicken and wings to keep the mess in its grease-resistant container. Food buckets make for extra easy clean up too! Available in 32oz, 48oz, 85oz, 130oz and 170oz sizes.

Karat 48oz Paper Short Buckets
Karat 85oz Food Buckets
Karat 170oz Food Buckets with Paper Lids

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The real winner of any event is the underappreciated napkin. They are there for each spilled drink party foul. Napkins come in so many shapes and sizes for events big and small; square beverage napkins, large thick dinner napkins, medium dispense napkins. Are you a fan of Michigan State? There’s a green napkin for you too! Check out the options below.

Karat 9.5"x9.5" Beverage Napkins - Green
Karat 15"x17" 2 Ply Dinner Napkins - Kraft
Karat 12"x13" Off-Fold Napkins - White

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Which team will you be rooting for? Let us know in the comments!