Syrups: Coffee, Sodas, Mixed Beverages

By: Sabrina Huda Sanchez


When the word syrups come to mind, most people may think maple syrup drizzled over a fluffy stack of pancakes. Another popular type of syrup in the foodservice industry is flavored syrup. Flavored syrups are used in places like coffeehouses, bubble tea shops, and bars. These can be used to make amazing beverage creations with just a pump or two. Let’s take a deeper look at more specific uses.


Uses For Syrups

Flavored syrups have been famously used in coffee drinks by places like Starbucks or The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. You can replace your sugar with a flavored syrup in your cold brew or regular brewed coffee to create a similar taste experience as your favorite coffeehouse. The same applies to lattes and frappes!

Popular coffee syrup flavors include the following:

● French Vanilla
● Hazelnut
● Toasted Marshmallow
● Dulce de Leche
● Toffee Crunch
● Salted Caramel
● Irish Caramel
● Caramel
● White Chocolate

Flavored syrups are also a great way to create your own sodas! If you have a carbonated water, simply add a fruity flavor like orange to mimic the taste of an Orange Fanta or combine several other flavors to create your own unique concoction. Try mixing a cherry flavored syrup with a lemon syrup to make a Cherry Lemonade taste. The combinations are endless.

Another place to commonly find flavored syrups are in bars. Bartenders can add syrups to cocktails to develop new drinks and flavors. For example, add blackberry syrup to a Moscow Mule to make a Blueberry Mule or use a strawberry syrup with light run, lime juice, and ice to make a Blended Strawberry Daiquiri! Skip the alcohol for a delicious mocktail.

At home, you can make slushies with syrups by blending with water and ice.
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Sugar-Free Syrups

For those who want added sweetness and flavor to their but don’t want the added sugar, many brands have sugar free syrup options. Typically these alternative syrups use sucralose instead of cane sugar. You can even find SPLENDA® used in Torani sugar-free syrup. These types of syrups are often added to “skinny” drinks like Skinny Martini or a Skinny Latte.

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Natural and Organic Syrups

Another variation of flavored syrups are Natural which exclude any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. For customers that are conscious about the ingredients they consume, this is the best option because natural syrups use all-natural ingredients. DaVinci Gourmet offers Natural syrups.

Last but not least there are Organic syrups. These are made with organic cane sugar or organic agave to sweeten and then flavored with organically grown ingredients. Monin makes a series of organic syrups.

Top Brands

There are a few brands that make some of the industry’s best-flavored syrups. You can buy any of them on LollicupStore! See below for a complete list of syrup makers:

1883 Maison Routin - Founded in the heart of the French Alps, 1883 has been making premium syrups for over 130 years. They are committed to flavor authenticity and purity
DaVinci Gourmet - Inspired by the specialty coffee boom in Seattle in 1989, a company was born to fill the opportunity for a superior syrup that was perfect icy cold or steaming hot.
Monin - Started by a man in France simply looking for a flavorful beautiful syrup to enhance his drinks, Monin sought to create his own exciting flavors and syrups over 100 years ago.
Torani Syrups - One of the most widely known syrup brands was created in 1925 with just 5 recipes brought to San Francisco, CA from Italy. To date, their flavor experts have found over 150 flavors that people are craving then captured the essence in a bottle.

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