Toasted Marshmallow Dalgona Coffee

By: Sabrina Huda Sanchez

How can you combine a classic childhood treat with a beloved adult fuel source? Take the flavor of s’mores and add it to a creamy whipped coffee with this toasted marshmallow dalgona coffee recipe! It’s so simple to make and you only need 4 ingredients! 


What is Dalgona Coffee?

Dalgona coffee was a TikTok trend that originated in Korea and picked up in popularity during quarantine. The simplicity of the ingredients and recipe is one reason it caught on but most importantly the final product looks picture perfect! Food and drink trends grab social media’s attention when the product makes for a great post.


The Joy of Toasted Marshmallows

Most memories of toasting marshmallows are around a campfire, perhaps with some graham crackers and chocolate. Ideally the marshmallow is held over a fire just before it is burnt -- although some love little burnt edges on theirs! The wonderful golden color on all sides gives off a warm nutty smell that can make your mouth water. Toasted marshmallows are a childhood nostalgia which is why bringing this flavor into a new classic beverage is pure joy. 


Controlling the Sweetness Level

The standard recipe ratio for the dalgona coffee drink is 1:1:1 (coffee:sugar:water), however for some that prefer a coffee with their milk and sugar, this may not be sweet enough. Increase the ratio to 1:2:1, meaning 1 part instant coffee, 2 parts syrup or sugar, 1 part water. Especially when using a flavored syrup, this makes the selected flavor stand out even more. Play with the ratios yourself to find what is best for you! 


Dalgona Coffee Recipe with Toasted Marshmallow



1 Tbsp Instant Coffee

1 Tbsp Torani Toasted Marshmallow Syrup (see below for other syrup options)

1 Tbsp Water



Optional garnish: 1 marshmallow

Dalgona Coffee Ingredients



1. Combine instant coffee, toasted marshmallow syrup and water in a mixing bowl. 


Combine coffee ingredients

bowl with coffee ingredients

2. Whisk until the mixture is like whipped cream with stiff peaks. You can either hand whisk or use an electric mixer.

stiff peaks of mixture

3. Fill a glass with ice and pour ⅔ the way with milk

glass of milk with ice

4. Top the milk with the whipped coffee mixture

whipped coffee added to milk

Optional Garnish

  1. Cut a wooden kabob skewer in half and pierce through a large marshmallow
  2. Rotate the marshmallow over an open flame until there are char marks all over
  3. Place the skewer into the drink with the marshmallow sticking out
with a toasted marshmallow

Snap a pic, then enjoy!

dalgona coffee with marshmallows

Other Syrup Options:


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