15 Flavored Homemade Whipped Cream Recipes
By: Sabrina Huda Sanchez

Completing your drink or dessert with whipped cream makes it feel like a finished masterpiece. However, store-bought options can be disappointing. They come in cans that use a nitrous oxide propellant and often contain unhealthy ingredients such as corn syrup and carrageenan. And, ready-made whipped toppings aren't much better, as they're made with high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated vegetable oil.

The best way to enjoy a delicious and healthy dollop of whipped cream is by making it yourself. Homemade whipped cream gives you complete control over the flavor and sugar levels, and there are many delicious variations you can make with a simple recipe. Check out these 15 tasty flavor options to add to your whipped cream recipe!

How to Make Homemade Whipped Cream
Making whipped cream is a simple task, but it does require some patience, especially if you're doing it manually. You'll need three basic ingredients: heavy whipping cream, sugar, and any desired flavorings. To get started, you must select your preferred mixing tool: a whiskhand mixer, or stand mixer.

Kitchen Tools
Using a whisk to make whipped cream will be the most time-consuming method, taking approximately 10 minutes of constant hand-stirring. This is the most economical option and can also be a great way to build your forearm strength. If you opt for a hand mixer, the process is quicker, taking around 5-6 minutes, and requires less effort on your part. With a stand mixer, the process is even easier and takes only about 3 minutes, but it comes at a higher cost. Consider investing in a stand mixer if you plan on doing a lot of baking in the future.

Stages of whipped peaks
When making whipped cream, it's essential to understand the different levels of consistency and the terminology used to describe them. Different recipes may call for different consistencies, ranging from soft to stiff, so it's crucial to know the differences.

‧Soft peaks are obtained after a short mixing time, when the cream is light and fluffy, and retains its shape when lifted with a whisk, but only briefly before drooping back into the cream. This consistency is ideal for folding into other ingredients in a recipe.

‧Medium peaks are fluffier compared to soft peaks and possess a denser consistency. Although they maintain their form when using the whisk, the tips tend to bend and collapse.

‧Stiff peaks are crucial for topping beverages and desserts. These peaks will retain their form when using the whisk, and you can confirm their perfect consistency by turning the bowl upside down - if the whipped cream remains in the bowl, it has reached the ideal stiffness.

Whipped Cream Recipe
This is the base recipe for homemade whipped cream which we will build upon with 15 different flavors. For best results, place the bowl and whisks in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes prior. The cold bowl and tools will help the cream whip faster.

• 1 cup heavy whipping cream
• 2 tbs flavored syrup
 (Optional) ½ tsp additional flavors/liquors

1. In a bowl, pour heavy whipping cream then turn on electric mixer on low (or begin whisking by hand).
2. Once the mixture has started to thicken slightly, add in your flavored syrup and/or optional add-in.
3. Turn up the speed of the electric mixer and continue to whisk.
4. Stop once you’ve achieved your desired peak consistency.

strawberries and whipped cream

Whipped Cream Flavors for Drinks and Desserts
Whipped cream can be used to top creamy drinks such as frappes, milkshakes, lattes, and coffees. It can also perfect any pie, ice cream or cake. For these types of drinks and desserts, we recommend the following flavors. Follow the directions from the previous section to prepare each of these recipes:

1. Vanilla – This classic flavor can be put on anything which makes it a staple recipe to have.
• 1 cup heavy whipping cream
• 2 tbs Vanilla Syrup
 * Optional – ½ vanilla bean seeds

2. Almond – A sweet nutty flavor can accent a nutty coffee drink or a chocolatey dessert.
• 1 cup heavy whipping cream
• 2 tbs Almond Syrup

3. Toasted Marshmallow – Take your toasted beverage up a notch with this nostalgic flavored recipe.
• 1 cup heavy whipping cream
• 2 tbs Toasted Marshmallow Syrup
 * Optional – ½ tsp Chocolate Syrup

4. Coffee – Imagine a scoop of aromatic coffee flavor on an ice cream sundae. Welcome to Cloud 9!
• 1 cup heavy whipping cream
• 2 tbs Coffee Syrup

5. Irish Cream – This flavor is traditionally made with alcohol, but this version can be shared with everyone… or not.
• 1 cup heavy whipping cream
• 2 tbs Irish Cream Syrup
 * Optional – ½ tsp whiskey

6. Toffee – A toasted caramel flavor that works on both vanilla ice cream and nutty coffee beverages alike.
• 1 cup heavy whipping cream
• 2 tbs Toffee Syrup

7. Brown Sugar – You know and love this boba milk combination, now turn it into a fluffy whipped cream.
• 1 cup heavy whipping cream
• 2 tbs Brown Sugar Syrup

8. Salted Caramel – Bring together salty and sweet with this delicious recipe!
• 1 cup heavy whipping cream
• 2 tbs Salted Caramel Syrup
 * Optional – pinch of salt

9. Hazelnut – A notorious flavor friend of coffee, hazelnut flavored whipped cream is just what your morning cup ordered.
• 1 cup heavy whipping cream
• 2 tbs Hazelnut Syrup

Whipped Cream Flavors for Fruits and Yogurts
Aside from drinks and pies, it is common to scoop some whipped cream on top of a fruit bowl or yogurt. Some flavors are better enjoyed on fruit then others. Classic vanilla is a big yum, but coffee may not be the best choice for raspberries. Instead, check out these fruity flavors that are best paired with fresh fruits or tangy yogurts.

1. Strawberry - Take your strawberries and cream to another level. Scoop this over more strawberries or a berry medley.
• 1 cup heavy whipping cream
• 2 tbs Strawberry Syrup
 * Optional – 1-2 drops of red food coloring (for a more strawberry red color).

2. Lemon – A light vibrant lemon whipped cream is great to add on a tart frozen yogurt or even a lemon merengue pie!
• 1 cup heavy whipping cream
• 2 tbs Lemon Syrup
 * Optional – a little lemon zest

3. Pomegranate – This sweet tart flavor can spruce up your fruit tart.
• 1 cup heavy whipping cream
• 2 tbs Pomegranate Syrup
 * Optional – ½ tsp lemon syrup

4. Rose – Add a light floral twist to your strawberry shortcake or chocolate mousse.
• 1 cup heavy whipping cream
• 2 tbs Rose Syrup
 * Optional – ½ champagne

5. Blueberry – – Enhance your bowl of blueberries with a dollop of blueberries too!
• 1 cup heavy whipping cream
• 2 tbs Blueberry Syrup

6. Passion Fruit – This tropical fruit flavor adds bold sweetness to your frozen daquiri or pineapple fruit cup.
• 1 cup heavy whipping cream
• 2 tbs Passion Fruit Syrup


Sugar Free Whipped Cream
When you are indulging in your delicious drink, dessert, fruit, or froyo, you may want to cut back on the sugar – no problem! There are Sugar Free Syrups available for most of these flavors that you can easily swap to reduce the sugar levels of your treat.

With the basic steps and a whole store of flavored syrups, the possibilities are almost endless of homemade whipped cream recipes. Try making one or more of these flavors then let us know which was your favorite! If you’re looking for other ways to use your flavored syrups, check out these recipes.



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