5 Benefits of Aluminum Foil To-Go Containers
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5 Benefits of Aluminum Foil To-Go Containers

By: Lauren Landry

Learn why aluminum foil to-go containers are perfect for packing takeout orders.

Aluminum is used in food containers for many reasons. One is that it serves as an excellent barrier to protect food against air and light, preserving its quality and extending its shelf life. Because of that, aluminum foil to-go containers are used in a wide range of applications and have many advantages over other types of food containers.

If you own a boba tea shop or any food business for that matter, wholesale to go containers in aluminum is a must-have food supply. Here are the other benefits of using these containers:

  • Hygienic and safe
  • Versatility
  • Conducts heat
  • Recyclable
  • Available in various sizes

  • #1 Hygienic and Safe

    Because aluminum is sterile and highly resistant to bacteria, it's perfectly safe to use with food with no risk of contamination. Aluminum to-go containers also keep food clean and safe and can seal in the smell if used with a lid. With that said, it's also perfect to use for pre-prepared meals that need to be stored in the fridge and then reheated.

    #2 Versatility

    These containers are versatile in the sense that they can be used in many ways. Aside from food storage, they can be used to cook food directly, either in a traditional oven or grill. 

    #3 Conducts heat

    Aluminum is a good heat conductor and is able to distribute heat evenly. Because of this, it makes cooking food in the oven faster, lessening your customers' waiting time. Reheating food stored in aluminum foil containers will also take less time. As for take-out orders, food stays hot longer compared to food stores in plastic or paper containers.

    #4 Recyclable

    Aluminum foil to-go containers are sustainable because they can be reused. You can also repurpose these containers into many other valuable household items. In fact, aluminum foil effectively removes stubborn stains in grills and polishes silverware. In addition, these aluminum foil containers are easily compressible and easy to sort, lessening the amount of waste generated.

    #5 Available in various sizes

    Lastly, aluminum foil to-go containers are available in many different sizes and shapes. You can get square, rectangular, and round ones, and you also have the option to get aluminum foil or PET dome lids of the same size.

    What are the best types of aluminum to-go food containers?

    Karat offers various high-quality aluminum containers, including these three:

    #1 Karat Black and Gold Aluminum Foil Take-Out Pan with Clear PET Dome Lid 

    Karat’s black and gold aluminum foil take-out pans come with a clear PET dome lid and feature an elegant black and gold design. They are perfect for takeout orders and packing leftover food. The materials used are puncture-resistant and prevent leaking. These pans, available in 24 oz, 48 oz, and 72 oz, are oven and grill safe.

    #2 Karat Aluminum Foil Steam Table Pans

    Karat’s aluminum foil table pans are available in deep, shallow, and medium depths and in different sizes. Depending on your need, you can also choose from the standard or the heavy-duty aluminum foils. They are leak-resistant, oven-safe, and recyclable and are ideal for serving side dishes, appetizers, entrees, and even desserts for catering purposes. 

    #3 Karat Round Aluminum Foil Containers 

    Karat’s round aluminum foil containers are perfect for take-out orders and catering services. This round type is available in three sizes – 7, 8, and 9 inches in diameter. You can also get round dome lids or laminated paper board lids to cover these containers.




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