7 Best Holiday Boba Tea Colors
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7 Best Holiday Boba Tea Colors

By: Lauren Landry

The perfect holiday drink is not just about the flavor. It's about aesthetics too!

strawberry drink

One of the best ways to immediately capture your target customers’ attention is by offering them eye-pleasing drinks. Of course, the flavor comes first, but to truly create the best holiday drinks is to make them Instagram-worthy as well.

In a previous article, we showcased syrup flavors perfect for your limited edition holiday drinks. This one will feature the best colors to use for creating holiday drinks. And with each color, we will also provide syrup suggestions from the best brands you can get from your trusted boba supply store

And without further ado, the seven best holiday boba tea colors include:

  • Orange Autumn
  • Gingerbread Brown
  • White Christmas
  • Gleeful Green
  • Festive Red
  • Frosted Blue
  • Sparkling Winter Rosé

  • #1 Orange Autumn

    Pumpkin spice drinks last the whole holiday season and not just during Thanksgiving or fall. So make sure to continue offering this flavor together with your Christmas and winter blend drinks. Orange is a very autumn color, and the perfect way to increase the value of a pumpkin spice drink is to offer it in orange color.

    The best syrup for an Orange Autumn drink is the 1883 Maison Routin Pumpkin Spice Syrup. It provides a sweet pumpkin flavor with notes of cinnamon and nutmeg. This syrup is perfect for boba tea drinks, coffee, smoothies, and cocktails.

    #2 Gingerbread Brown

    As we move to the winter, a great way to start the season is by offering sweet Gingerbread-inspired drinks that will make anyone feel like they’re eating elaborate cookie-walled houses. Brown may still be the color of fall, but it also is reminiscent of the traditional Christmas cookies. 

    DaVinci Classic Gingerbread Syrup comes with a brown color and the scent of freshly baked traditional gingerbread cookies with hints of cinnamon. This syrup can add a warm brown color to boba tea drinks, smoothies, coffee, milk, and even juice.

    #3 White Christmas

    A white Christmas, of course, signifies snowy weather on Christmas Day. People started to catch on to this phrase around the same time the country entered World War II when soldiers stationed outside the U.S. continued to request records of White Christmas during winter. Whether you live in a place that gets annual snowfall or not, White Christmas remains to be a favorite holiday theme.

    Many clear syrups are perfect for achieving White Christmas-inspired drinks. Aside from cream, adding 

    Monin White Chocolate Syrup can create classic Christmas flavors. This highly concentrated syrup features a creamy sweet flavor of white chocolate from cocoa butter which seamlessly enhances and complements other flavors.

    #4 Gleeful Green

    Green and red are considered Christmas colors. This tradition has been said to originate from ancient Celtic cultures, as the Celtic people believed that the holly plant brings good fortune during the harsh cold winter months. So they decorated their homes with these red and green plants in the hopes of a prosperous future and sure safety of their families. 

    To achieve gleeful green drinks, you can use Torani Green Apple Syrup or Monin Green Mint Syrup. The green apple syrup from Torani can help you achieve a green color for your Christmas candy apple drinks and provide a fresh green apple flavor. On the other hand, the green mint syrup from Monin can add a dash of green color to chocolate mint drinks and, of course, a zing of mint flavor and scent.

    #5 Festive Red

    Red is undoubtedly a holiday color. It’s been used by many brands for their seasonal rebranding strategies -- take, for example, Coca-Cola and their Christmas train. Red is also the color of Santa’s suit and poinsettias, so this festive hue is automatically associated with the season.

    For achieving a red drink, you can use DaVinci Classic Cherry Syrup or Monin Strawberry Syrup. DaVinci’s cherry syrup is achieving that bright red color in holiday drinks and for providing that perfect balance of sweet and tart. Monin’s strawberry syrup, on the other hand, is the best way to add the red color and ever-popular strawberry flavor to special holiday beverages.

    #6 Frosted Blue

    Reminiscent of Queen Elsa from the Frozen films, blue is also considered a winter color. Blue and white make the perfect combination for achieving snowflake-inspired drinks. And because blue is not a usual food color, offering a limited drink in this hue sure will be a hit.

    Monin Blue Curacao Syrup is ideal for creating a blue Christmas cocktail drink. It provides a sweet and slightly bitter, vibrant blue-colored liqueur perfect cocktail flavor. And when you add pineapple juice and cream of coconut, you’ll get a tropical sweet Christmas-y drink.

    #7 Sparkling Winter Rosé 

    Finally, we have rosé. Apparently, rosé goes well with Christmas meals because they say that it can stand up to the rich flavors of gravy, potatoes, and food with robust flavors, unlike red wine. Because of this, rosé deserves to be on this list too.

    Pink Christmas drinks are as appealing as other colored drinks. You can achieve this lovely champagne color in beverages with 1883 Maison Routin Rosé Syrup. It provides an authentic taste and smell of rosé and is perfect for smoothies, boba tea drinks, sodas, and even alcoholic beverages.




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