Benefits of Meal Prepping
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Benefits of Meal Prepping

By: Ireland Lee

Meal prepping has officially become the new norm. Depending on whether the goal is to eat healthier, save time cooking during the week, save money, or all the above. You can easily prepare recipes in advance whether it's just for you or a plus one. Meal prepping for a family can prove to be a little more difficult. It’s also easily adaptable to any food restrictions (i.e. vegan, dairy-free, omnivore, salad minus the dressing).
* Pro-tip: Make veggies or fruits at least 50% of whatever you’re prepping (fresh, frozen, or canned).


With life happening, it can be difficult to continue a healthy lifestyle. Preparing meals ahead of time can aid in staying healthy throughout the week because it provides you with the option. With Karat Microwaveable containers, you just have to take it out and heat it up!


How many times do you typically eat out during the week? Because let’s face it, it gets expensive after a while and can be damaging to your health. There are tons of easy meal prep ideas (and healthy!) to last you through the week for a fraction of the cost of going through a McDonald’s drive-thru every day. You can prepare a week's worth of meals with some easy and cheap meal prep recipes.
* Pro-tip: One super simple food that goes a long way is soup. Not to mention how wide a variety of soups there are. If you don’t want to store it in the pot to be more organized and efficient, you can store them in Karat Injection Molded Bowls.


You can save a tremendous amount of time during the week by meal prepping. It can get tedious and tiresome to go home and cook a meal after you get home from work every day. Whenever you're pressed for time during the week because of work, activities or hobbies, if you have children with hobbies/sports, plans with friends or family, etc. chances are you don’t have the time or energy to spend every day in the kitchen. You can take a few hours from one day out of your week, like Sundays, to make all your meals for the upcoming week (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Desserts and snacks would be okay to skip from meal prepping as many come packaged and can sit in the pantry or fridge until you’re ready for it. If you want though, just to portion out and save a couple of minutes later, you can divvy it up into plastic bags or small containers. For example, you can put a serving size of Wheat Thins or carrots into a plastic bag and put a serving size amount of hummus into a Portion Cup with a Lid. Another plus is that it can cut down on the time it takes to wash dishes since there won’t be as many.
* Pro-tip: Just be careful to choose items that will last all week and are okay to reheat later.


LollicupStore provides many options for meal Prep Containers and Bowls to put your food prep meals in (reusable and some are microwave safe). A downfall about meal prepping that some find is that they get bored because they are eating the same thing every day. However, there are ways to keep from getting bored. Think of maybe 5 or 6 meals that you like, make two or three of those a week and alternate to have options. Also, do research through Google or Pinterest to find new ideas. In addition to that, there are apps (like Anylist, Mealime, or Yummly) that prepare you with ideas. If you are someone that tracks macros through an app, such as MyFitnessPal, there are healthy meal prep ideas offered. You can also spice up your at home meals by using different seasonings, like Tea Zone Lemon Pepper Marinade Mix, dressings, and maybe switch up your baked chicken recipe by adding a little Monin Basil Concentrate.