Best Eco-Friendly Wholesale To-Go Containers to Invest In
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Best Eco-Friendly Wholesale To-Go Containers to Invest In

By: Lauren Landry


Looking for environmentally friendly to-go containers? This article features high-quality eco-friendly wholesale to-go containers for your food or boba tea business.

Eco-friendly to-go containers come in many different shapes and sizes.

Every food business that offers to-go orders would need sturdy and reliable containers. However, the majority of them are made of plastic or styrofoam, and sadly, are not biodegradable. If you are an eco-friendly business or planning to be one, you can no longer use the common and widely available plastic containers. Otherwise, your potential customers will be turned off. Thankfully, manufacturing companies have created wholesale to go containers that are styrofoam- and plastic-free. 

What is an eco-friendly to-go container?

An eco-friendly to-go container is a sturdy container made of renewable materials. These takeout containers are usually made of sugarcane bagasse, bamboo, or corn. All these materials easily decompose in composting facilities, unlike plastic or foam materials.

Why go eco-friendly with to-go containers?

Shifting to being more socially aware has lots of benefits for food businesses and the environment, and these include:

#1 Smaller carbon footprint

Using eco-packaging means a smaller carbon footprint from your food business. Eco-friendly containers release fewer carbon emissions during production compared to plastic, and other traditional containers do, and they also use less energy-hungry resources.

#2 Easy disposal

Eco-friendly to-go containers are easier to dispose of, unlike plastic and other packaging and container varieties. They can also be repurposed into something else after use or broken down and composted in composting facilities.

#3 Healthy for consumers

To-go containers made of biodegradable materials are healthier for consumers. They do not contain chemical or toxic materials, so they are free from dangerous byproducts that can cause physical health problems. No microplastic ingestion for these containers!  

#4 Great selling point

Using eco-friendly to-go containers establishes food businesses as socially and environmentally aware. Being a conscious business immediately gives customers an excellent first impression, and customers will feel more positive about the brand compared to others that continue to use plastic or styrofoam.

#5 Can easily be purchased in bulk

Eco-friendly to-go containers can be easily bought in bulk online or from a boba supply store. And when you purchase in wholesale quantities, the cost per unit is much lower, allowing you to save in the long run. Aside from that, shipping costs are also lower because eco-friendly to-go containers are lighter and less bulky than their plastic counterparts. 

Some eco-friendly to-go containers come with compartments that are perfect for meals.


What are the best types of to-go containers?

Karat Earth® features various types of biodegradable to-go containers in different sizes and colors. Here are just some of the best ones to invest in:

#1 Karat Earth® Natural Compostable Natural Bagasse Hinged Containers

These to-go containers from Karat Earth® are made of compostable bagasse and come with hinged covers. Bagasse is the fibrous residue from the sugar extraction process of sugarcane, so they are an excellent source of safe and sustainable material for food containers.

These natural-colored microwavable containers feature three compartments perfect for meals and a selection of snacks. 

#2 Karat Earth® Natural Bagasse Take Out Rectangular Container

Karat Earth®’s rectangular bowls are made of bagasse and can be covered with a matching lid. This particular design has a natural color and is offered in different sizes.

This rectangular to-go bowl is ideal for seafood, veggies, fruits, and chicken meals.

#3 Karat Earth® Natural Bagasse Take Out Bowl 

Next up is a to-go bowl made of natural bagasse. Just like the rectangular container, these round bowls can also be covered with a matching lid and are available in multiple sizes. 

Karat Earth®’s round bowls are perfect for to-go orders like noodles, soup, quinoa, salads, and rice bowls.

#4 Karat Earth® Compostable Bagasse Hinged Containers (no compartments)

Last on the list is Karat Earth®’s hinged containers made from bagasse without compartments. This container is available in multiple sizes  (6''x6'', 8''x8'', 9''x6'', and 9''x9'') and are microwave safe.

Because they have no compartments, these hinged containers are ideal for sandwiches, burgers, sliders, salads, and pasta.

The takeaways

Shifting to being an eco-friendly and socially conscious food business shouldn’t be too difficult. You can start by using these compostable containers for to-go orders and investing only in high-quality, durable ones. 

Karat Earth® is a plant-based line of biodegradable products which are all made from renewable resources. From straws to cutlery and containers to cups, Karat Earth® can provide all your eco-friendly supply needs. Even if they are compostable, these products are proven to be reliable and sturdy, just like plastic but are much safer for the environment and your customers.




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