Best Soup To Go Containers for Fast Casual Restaurants
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Best Soup To Go Containers for Fast Casual Restaurants

By: Sabrina Huda Sanchez

The onset of chilly weather typically results in a surge in the desire for soup. Interestingly, a number of fast-casual eateries offer soup on their menu. While takeout and delivery continue to be prevalent options for dining out, delivering soup may pose a difficulty given that it primarily consists of hot liquid.

If fast-casual restaurants intend to serve soup for takeout or delivery, they may want to consider the following soup-to-go containers as suitable options:

Paper Food Containers: These are versatile and can come in various sizes, with or without lids, and are eco-friendly.

Injection Molding Bowls: These containers are typically made of plastic and can withstand high temperatures. They also come with lids, making them ideal for takeout.

Injection Molded Round Deli Containers: These containers are also made of plastic and are excellent for both hot and cold soups. They come with lids and are stackable, making them a practical option for transportation.

Hot Paper Coffee Cups: These cups are a cost-effective option for serving soup, and they come with lids that can help prevent spillage during transport.

It's essential to ensure that the container is leak-proof and secure enough to prevent spills during transportation. Additionally, it's vital to consider the environmental impact of the container and opt for eco-friendly options whenever possible.

What is Fast-Casual?

Fast-casual dining is a fusion of speedy service and elevated dining experience, bridging the gap between fast food and fine dining. According to Statista, some of the leading fast-casual restaurants are Panera Bread, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Panda Express, Boston Market, and Corner Bakery. These types of establishments typically prioritize higher quality food and a relaxed, comfortable indoor dining environment, all while maintaining a much faster serving time than traditional fine dining restaurants. Fast-casual restaurants span across various cuisines, including American soups and sandwiches, Mexican, Chinese, Mediterranean, and more. They offer a delicious and convenient meal that continues to be highly popular throughout the United States.

soupFast-casual restaurants sell quality soups in disposable-to-go containers.

Why Offer Soup at fast-casual restaurants?

While fast-casual dining is often linked with burgers and other indulgent comfort foods, several chains have added soup to their menus. Soup is widely considered one of the most comforting foods because it is often associated with feeling nurtured and cared for. Preparing soup from scratch can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Fast-casual restaurants address this issue by providing customers with warm, hearty cups of soup that can be quickly and easily consumed for an instant feeling of comfort. However, in addition to convenience, it is essential for the soup to taste good. For fast-casual restaurants that choose to add soup to their menu, it can be an effective way to draw attention and gain loyal customers if done correctly.

Paper Food Containers

There are several reasons that make paper food containers a popular choice for take-out soup packaging across many leading fast-casual restaurant chains, such as:

1. Custom Print - Paper food containers can be custom printed with your branding. Chili’s, Panera Bread, Boston Market, Wendy’s, El Pollo Loco, and other chain restaurants that sell soup serve it in to go containers that are printed with their colors and logo. Custom print restaurant supplies allow customers to quickly identify where their food is from and act as advertising when others see customers eating from these printed containers.

2. Grease Resistant - Paper food containers are double poly-lined. In other words, the inside is coated with a plastic material that prevents hot liquid content from seeping through the paper structure. Soups cannot be absorbed because the slick lining makes the soups just slide right off.

3. Microwaveable - Soup in take-out containers can be reheated in the microwave. Other types of to go containers are made of Styrofoam or PET plastics and these materials are not safe to microwave.

4. Secure with Lid - Paper food containers always have a matching lid available to create a tight and secure seal that is perfect for transport. Be sure to find the correct lid size for your container cup.

5. Eco-Friendly Options - Typical paper food containers are made from renewable resources, however, they are lined with plastic which means they cannot be recycled or composted. Luckily there are eco-friendly to go containers that are lined with PLA, a plant-based material, and after use, this entire take-out container is compostable in a commercial facility.

6. Insert Available - Keep broth separate from add-ins such as noodles or veggies with the use of a plastic insert. Container inserts help keep ingredients fresh avoid getting soggy, which makes for a better eating experience.

Injection Molding Bowls

Injection molding bowls are plastic bowls made from food-safe materials. These bowls have many similar benefits as paper to go containers including, grease resistance, safe in the microwave, and compatible secure lid. Restaurants will want to stock these plastic bowls when serving larger portions since they are sold in 22 oz, 36 oz and 48 oz sizes. Injection molding bowls are perfect to go containers for soups like ramen or pho.

soup in containerKarat Injection Molded Deli Containers and Lids withstand much higher heat levels and retain their shape better than regular deli containers.

Hot Paper Coffee Cup

Hot paper cups are a uniquely unconventional solution to soup on the go. Campbell’s created the Sipping Soup to go packaging to allow consumers to enjoy soup whilst on the road or at events where a conventional bowl and spoon are not an option. This is an excellent choice for bisques like tomato bisque. Fast-casual restaurants that aim to accommodate the needs of busy customers may try out a soup menu item and then serve it in a hot paper coffee cup. These cups can also be custom printed to give your business that extra brand advertising as people walk and drink your soup.



The real question may not be how to serve soup at fast-casual restaurants but rather which fast causal chain has the best soups? While that may be up for debate, restaurants can be sure that the best soup to go containers can be found at this trusted restaurant supplier.