DIY: Boba Tea Garland

Decorate with us for Christmas! Whether you own a boba shop or are a boba connoisseur, we have a boba inspired garland that will make your tree stand out this year! Spread the boba joy this year!


Boba Garland on Tree

What You Will Need:



Mini DIY Boba Cups

1. Prep Cups and Paint!

  • First, you will need to mix your paint to match your favorite boba tea flavors. We used classic flavors as our inspiration such as Taro, Matcha, Milk Tea, Strawberry, etc.
  • Set out all cups and paint “boba” dots or cream toppings on the inside of the cups first! We used a mix of black, brown, and white “boba” dots to make every cup unique. Wait for the dots to completely dry before moving on to the next step!
  • Once the dots are completely dry, you can finish painting the inside of the cups with your favorite tea flavors. Taro- Light Purple; Matcha- Green; Milk Tea- Light Brown; and so on!

2. String the Garland

  • Once the cups are completely dry, you can cut holes in each side of the cup to string your garland! Be careful cutting the cups as the plastic can be sharp when cut.
  • Tip: Tape the end of your string so you can easily move your string through the cups without it unraveling.


    Boba Garland on Decorated Tree


    3. Don’t Let It Spill

    • Place your lid on the portion cup to have a finished look for your garland.
    • Want to go a step further? Cut up a couple of straws and hot glue them to the top of your lid!


    4. Time to Decorate

    • Show off your finished garland on your tree! Add other decorations to complete your tree.


    After all that hard work, make or pick up some boba tea, put your feet up, and enjoy your tree all season long! Maybe even have a cup or two more!

    🎨 Creative Credit to Kathy Wilson


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