Everything You Need To Know About Fold-To-Go Boxes
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Everything You Need To Know About Fold-To-Go Boxes

By: Lauren Landry

karat fold to go box

As a food business, stocking up on quality wholesale to go containers is as important as providing quality food to your customers. You don’t want the food to be contaminated, leak, or fall down to the floor while shipping and handling them. If you regularly receive take-out orders, the fold to-go boxes are the best types of containers to use.

What are fold-to-go boxes?

Fold-to-go boxes are take-out containers made from paperboard with a poly lining. These boxes are available in different sizes and are strong enough to hold various types of food like rice, pasta, salads, chips, cookies, and even small gifts or party favors. These easy-to-handle boxes are also leak-resistant, cut-resistant, grease-resistant, and do not require assembly.

What are the benefits of using fold-to-go boxes?

Aside from being very convenient quality food containers, using fold-to-go boxes for your business has several benefits, and these include:

#1 Fold-to-go boxes can be used for marketing purposes

Because the boxes can be custom printed, you can use them for various marketing purposes. You can simply add your logo, whether by putting a sticker or by having them printed on. Doing so allows you to boost your marketing efforts for a relatively affordable price.

#2 These to-go containers are economical. 

Fold-to-go boxes are economical because they are made from paperboard that is cheaper than other materials like plastic. This means that the operation cost of manufacturers is reduced, so they are sold at lower prices. And these boxes cost much cheaper when purchased in bulk from a wholesaler.

#3 These boxes are microwaveable. 

You are offering your customers next-level convenience by using these fold-to-go-boxes because they can quickly heat up their food in the microwave. Because they are microwave safe, the boxes won’t emit any harmful substances when heated that may contaminate the food.

Fold-to-go boxes are microwave-safe, so customers can heat up their food quickly.

#4 Fold-to-go boxes keep food safe during delivery.

These to-go containers are perfect for long shipments because they are able to store the food safely. The walls of each box are firm enough and won’t break, cut, or leak, which may result from unavoidable bumps during shipment. This is especially true for food being delivered by motorcycles that can be bumpier than four-wheel vehicles.

#5 These to-go containers are eco-friendly.

Fold-to-go boxes are environmentally friendly because they are made of paper which is a renewable material. They leave a smaller carbon footprint during manufacturing and are recyclable. These boxes can easily be reused through recycling procedures or by the customer itself.

What is the best brand of fold-to-go boxes?

Karat is the best brand of fold-to-go boxes to get for your food business. It offers wholesale to-go containers made from quality materials0 and provides the benefits mentioned above. Karat has two types of fold-to-go boxes to choose from – white and kraft, which are both perfect for custom printing.

Karat White Fold-To-Go Box

Karat’s white fold-to-go boxes boast a high-quality design that is durable enough to hold various types of food, sauces, and even gifts. They are made of heavy-duty paperboard material with a poly lining and are microwaveable. Because of the boxes’ design, they can be stacked for easy transport and shipping.

These white fold-to–go boxes are available in the following sizes: 30 fl oz, 48 fl oz, 54 fl oz, 76 fl oz, and 110 fl oz.

Karat Kraft Fold-To-Go Box

Just like the white version, the kraft boxes are made of high-quality paperboard material and a poly lining. The design requires no assembly and can package snacks, meals, sauces, and gifts. The boxes are also grease-resistant, will not leak, and are cut-resistant.

The kraft boxes are available in the following sizes: 30 fl oz, 48 fl oz, 54 fl oz, 76 fl oz, and 110 fl oz. Both the white and kraft fold-to-go boxes can be recycled under recycling programs.

Where can you buy Karat Fold-To-Go Boxes?

These to-go boxes can be conveniently purchased online at LollicupStore.com. With just a few clicks, you can have a bulk of these boxes delivered directly to your business.




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