How to Make Golden Boba
By: Sabrina Huda Sanchez

Everyone knows the delicious chewy dark tapioca pearls found at the bottom of any milk tea. We’ve seen so many creative variations this year sparked by the boba shortage scare. Content creators mixed tapioca starch with things like fruits and ice cream bars. And one variation, in particular, is golden boba. You won't find golden boba on any shelf and not many boba shops prepare it -- although Boba Guys once featured it along with 24 karat gold flakes.


What is Golden Boba?
Golden Boba is white tapioca pearls soaked in a brown sugar syrup to dye them a light golden-brown color. Tapioca flour is used for boba because of its starchy slightly sweet characteristics. Any other starch cannot provide boba's signature softness and texture. White tapioca pearls have the same taste and chewy texture as the original boba but are translucent when cooked. If you want to keep the white color, simply soak the cooked pearls in a white sugar mixture. Our boba supply store has every option for you to consider.

Golden vs Crystal Boba
Crystal boba, also known as Agar Boba, is made from the gelatin-like substance agar. Golden boba is chewier like a gummy bear, whereas crystal boba is like Jell-O. Crystal boba is similar to white tapioca pearls in that they can both be infused with flavor and color. For example, if you want pink boba, just soak them in a sugar mixture with pink food coloring! Another option is to select a tinted flavored syrup to soak the boba in as well.