How to Make Instant Milk Tea with Tea Zone
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How to Make Instant Milk Tea with Tea Zone

By: Phyllis Yu

People are always looking for ways to save time. Driving down to your local boba shop (which may also be closed) or brewing tea to make your favorite milk tea is time-consuming, so try an instant milk tea powder for top-notch milk tea in less than a few minutes. With Tea Zone MilkTeaBLAST powders, you will have a variety of instant milk teas to choose from.

We all know what boba milk tea is, but what about flavored boba milk tea. Satisfy your milk tea addiction by trying these super simple instant milk tea powders that you can switch up throughout the week.


Flavored Milk Teas

Make milk tea in less than a few minutes with only 2 ingredients: water and the milk tea powder of choice. Original milk tea powder: your authentic, traditional go-to milk tea Lavender milk tea: soft fragrant sweetness that will leave a calming smile on your face Nagasaki honey green: “bright” flavor with a savory honey taste Hokkaido (royal milk tea): especially creamy and rich Okinawa brown sugar: roasted brown sugar taste that is sweet but not overwhelming

Add boba and it’ll be like you actually went to a boba shop!


Delicious Flavored Milk Tea Recipes

Flavored trendy Iced Milk Teas


Milk Tea Powder of Choice


1. Add 3-4 scoops of your milk tea powder of choice.
2. Then add 16oz of water and blend. After your milk tea has been thoroughly blended, pour a cup of ice into the blender.
3. Blend it for a second and stop. Repeat until the ice is small enough to fit through a boba straw.
4. Add toppings if desired and voila! Your iced milk tea is ready to be enjoyed.

Don’t feel like drinking milk tea? No worries. Try using Tea Zone flavored milk tea powders in your next cake mix, a batch of cookies, or anything you want to bake. Change it up and enjoy milk tea not only in liquid form but also solid form.



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