How to Make Your Boba Tea Shop Eco-Friendly
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How to Make Your Boba Tea Shop Eco-Friendly

By: Lauren Landry

Here are four easy ways to make your boba tea shop environmentally friendly.

Switching from plastic to paper is an excellent way to be an environmentally friendly business.

Making your boba tea shop stand out from competitors can be challenging, especially if there is a store on every corner. You have to think of something to offer your customers that they have not yet thought of. Aside from providing awesome limited seasonal boba tea flavors, turning into a sustainable business will become a unique selling proposition for your boba tea brand.

Being an eco-friendly business means everything from the production of food and drinks to packaging is safe for the environment. This article will focus on packaging and providing suggestions on eco-friendly boba supplies for your business.

Here are four ways to make your boba tea shop sustainable:

1. Use eco-friendly cups.
2. Encourage customers to reuse cup jackets.
3. Use paper straws.
4. Use paper bags instead of plastic for to-go orders.

#1 Use eco-friendly cups.

Using eco-friendly cups is an excellent way to start your transformation into an environmentally friendly business. Eco-friendly cups are compostable plastic cups that are made from renewable resources. This means that they can be easily composted in a commercial composting facility and won't stay in landfills for hundreds of years.

One such product is Karat Earth's PLA Eco-Friendly Cups for cold drinks. These cups come in many sizes and are available in clear and generic green eco-friendly prints. Karat Earth also has eco-friendly cups for hot drinks and are made of the same biodegradable materials.

#2 Encourage customers to reuse cup jackets.

You are probably using cup jackets for your hot and cold drinks. Another way to become an eco-friendly boba tea shop is by encouraging your customers to reuse the cup jackets you’ve provided them with their previous orders. You can do this by giving them a certain discount or rewards points every time they present a cup jacket.

Karat provides cup jackets in many beautiful designs that your customers will be glad to keep and reuse. One example is the Fleur Red traditional cup jacket that features a lovely floral design. It also has a black and white version and a brown one.

#3 Use paper straws.

Next, you can switch from plastic straws to paper straws. Paper straws are biodegradable and are available in many sizes. Despite being made of paper, these compostable straws are pretty durable and are strong enough to be used as sticks for baked snacks like chocolate lollipops and cake pops. Paper straws are also a safer alternative to plastic straws because they do not contain any nasty chemicals that may be detrimental to health.

Karat Earth’s paper straws are an excellent alternative to traditional plastic straws. The brand provides straws in different lengths, diameter sizes, and even designs.

#4 Use paper bags instead of plastic for to-go orders.

Plastic bags are very harmful to the environment because they break down into smaller fragments which are harmful to marine life. Currently, about 30 percent of turtles and 71 percent of seabirds end up eating these microplastics. With that said, you should start using kraft paper bags instead of plastic bags for orders.

There are paper bags the come with handles, so carrying orders will not be a hassle for your customers. The Karat Huntington Paper Shopping Bag is an excellent example of a durable paper bag and is big enough to carry drinks and snacks. They are reusable and recyclable and made of 70 to 90 percent recycled material.




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