How to Promote Your Boba Tea Shop Using Video Ads
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How to Promote Your Boba Tea Shop Using Video Ads

By: Lauren Landry

Here are some tips for promoting your boba tea business using Facebook and Instagram video ads this holiday season.

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Just like any other business, it is a must for boba tea shops to invest in social media ads. Regularly posting and responding to direct messages or post comments may not be enough, especially during the holiday season until the start of the new year. It is during this time when businesses are very aggressive in catching their customers’ attention. So to avoid getting lost in the sea of competition, invest in advertising on social media.

When it comes to the type of social media ads, video ads seem to have higher engagement. This is because videos combine two things that catch the attention of users -- sound and movement. In fact, the clickthrough rate for online video ads is a whopping 27.4 times more than that of standard banners and almost 12 times that of rich media ads.

It also forecasted that programmatic mobile video advertising spending in the United States is expected to grow over 30 billion U.S. dollars. On the other hand, global video advertising spending is projected to reach $92,253 million in 2021.

Those are pretty big, convincing numbers! So if you have not yet considered running video ads on Facebook and Instagram, this holiday season is the best time to start. Here are video advertising tips to get more customers for your boba tea shop and start the new year with more loyal customers:

1. Introduce your boba tea brand in the first several seconds.
2. Create mobile-first video ads.
3. Keep your videos short and sweet.
4. Keep the audio simple.
5. Create videos for sound-off viewing.
6. Use free Facebook video editing tools.
7. Don’t forget to use keywords.

#1 Introduce your boba tea brand in the first several seconds.

Always make sure to feature your brand or your boba tea drinks in the video early. Doing so will make the viewers see and remember them effectively. Delayed gratification does not work with video ads, so place the most exciting part of your video that contains your brand or showcased drinks preferably within the first three seconds to grab interest. 

If you are going to use an existing video, cut it so the parts that contain your boba tea drinks, boba supplies, or logo show within the first 15 seconds.

#2 Create mobile-first video ads.

Mobile-first video ads are videos that are optimized for mobile devices. This means that you should use vertical or square videos. Most mobile phone users hold their phones vertically, so this is the best format to go with. The 4:5 vertical video ads, in particular, work well on Facebook and Instagram.

Another tip is to use high-resolution images and videos. For food and drinks businesses like your boba tea shop, bright and happy colors are the best ones to use to catch your target audience’s attention effectively.

#3 Keep your videos short and sweet.

The ideal length for Facebook and Instagram video ads is 15 seconds, and better if shorter. This is the length of video users are most likely to watch until the end. Video ads of this length are also eligible for Facebook in-stream placements and Instagram Stories. If you are using an existing video, make sure to cut it to 15 seconds or less to increase the chances of users watching the entire video.

Although short video ads are best for mobiles, it is important to note though that Facebook supports longer videos. Their Audience Network placements and the Instagram Feed allow 120-second videos, while Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Fees, and Messenger Home support up to 240-minute videos.

#4 Keep the audio simple.

Audio is also an essential part of your video ads, and Facebook has found that using a single audio source is the best way to go. This means that a simple narration or one musical track will do. Using multiple tracks can reduce video completion rate and even your video’s engagement rate.

Adding subtitles or captions also makes your video ads more watchable. This text also can help drive higher social action from your target audience. 

#5 Create videos for sound-off viewing.

Speaking of video subtitles, you should also create video ads that can be watched with the sound off. In fact, 85 percent of Facebook videos are watched without sound. Some people choose to watch videos without sound in many types of situations, like when they are in public places. 

Be creative and not just use subtitles. You can use graphics to portray your message effectively, even without sound. One good tip is to think like a silent film director. Make your ad models exaggerate their feelings toward drinking a new boba tea drink and make their gestures more precise and expressive.

#6 Use free Facebook video editing tools.

Facebook provides the Video Creation Kit to help brands easily create mobile-optimized video ads in just minutes. This tool features pre-made templates where you can use your own photos to create Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger video ads.

On the other hand, the Facebook Mobile Studio allows you to create video ads using your mobile phone, perfect for busy boba tea business owners like you. It features video guides, creative app recommendations, and a downloadable planning brief.

#7 Don't forget to use keywords.

Finally, do not forget to use keywords in your video ads description, captions, and subtitles. For boba tea businesses, keywords such as “limited holiday boba tea drinks” or “holiday boba tea” can work for your holiday campaign. Of course, you should do some research before picking the sets of keywords for your video ads.

Thinking like your customer will help a lot -- what will they be searching for this holiday season? Would they be craving peppermint boba tea? On the same note, you can also use Google's keyword tool to get ideas.

The Takeaway

Facebook and Instagram video ads for your boba tea business should not be difficult to create. Just keep them simple, get your message across immediately, and use bright, fun colors to keep the viewers hooked to the ads.

Investing in these ads is the best decision you can make this holiday season, as experts say that the return on ad spend during this time of year is high. So do not get lost in the sea of boba tea competition; strive to stand out with compelling video ads!




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