March Madness Party Essentials
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March Madness Party Essentials

March Madness is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the thrilling basketball tournament than by hosting a fantastic viewing party with friends and family? Gear up for the ultimate March Madness viewing party with a twist this year. Go beyond the game and elevate your hosting experience by embracing eco-friendly alternatives. Our collection of party essentials is here to add a convenient touch to your festivities. From compostable bagasse round plates to aluminum sheets, utensils, and more, make this March Madness unforgettable.


1.Cold Cups and Lids:

Karat Cold Cups & Lids

Start your celebration right with our cold cups. These cups come in various sizes, allowing you to choose whichever size is best for you. We also have eco-friendly paper cups as an alternative. Crafted from sustainable materials, these cups bring both style and eco-consciousness to your March Madness beverages. Enjoy your drinks guilt-free, knowing you've made a green choice for your game day gathering.


2. Paper Food Buckets:

Serve up your favorite game day snacks in style with our paper food buckets. These convenient containers add a touch of flair to your treats, making them a must-have for sharing the excitement with your fellow fans. These buckets are ideal for serving popcorn, nachos, or finger foods during the March Madness action.  In my opinion, I think everyone should have a paper bucket for whatever the occasion.


3.PFAS-Free Compostable Bagasse Round Plates:

Kick plastic to the curb and opt for our compostable bagasse round plates. PFAS-free and eco-friendly, these plates offer a safe and sustainable solution for serving appetizers and main dishes during the high-energy moments of March Madness. A perfect item to impress your friends from California.


4. Aluminum Sheets / Containers / Trays:

Simplify your party setup with our aluminum sheets, containers, and trays. Versatile and convenient, these items are not only practical but also recyclable, ensuring that your cleanup is as efficient as your game day strategy.


5. Portion Cups:

Karat & Karat Earth Portion Cups

Perfect for sauces, dips, or condiments, our portion cups add convenience to your party setup. These single-use cups provide practical solutions for serving small portions, making them an essential addition to your March Madness spread.  


6. Utensils:

We offer many different colors, perfect to allow you to customize your party in any and every way that you want! Our Karat Earth brand offers you an eco-friendly alternative.  Available colors: Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Berry, Pink, Natural, and Rainbow.


7. Skewers:

Elevate your appetizer game with our eco-friendly skewers. Ideal for serving kebabs, sliders, or other bite-sized delights during the games.  Compostable and sustainable, these skewers add a touch of sophistication to your party spread.


8. Napkins: 


In every party, you must have napkins. It is essential to every gather and a mandatory item. Perfect for keeping hands clean and spills out of sight during the March Madness excitement.


Make a slam dunk for sustainability this March Madness by incorporating our eco-friendly party essentials into your game day celebration. From compostable bagasse plates to aluminum sheets, utensils, and more, each product is designed to enhance your party experience while minimizing environmental impact. Cheers to a memorable March Madness filled with thrilling moments and eco-conscious choices!