New Item: Karat 17oz PET Tamper Resistant Hinged Sandwich Wedge Container
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New Item: Karat 17oz PET Tamper Resistant Hinged Sandwich Wedge Container

In the fast-paced world of food service, ensuring that your delicious sandwiches stay fresh and secure during transit is paramount. Whether you're running a bustling deli, a chic café, or organizing a picnic for friends and family, the Karat 17oz PET Tamper Resistant Hinged Sandwich Wedge Container is a game-changer in keeping your culinary creations intact and appetizing. 


Designed for Convenience and Confidence 

One of the standout features of these containers is their tamper-resistant seal. This seal not only keeps your sandwiches fresh but also assures your customers that their meal hasn't been tampered with from the kitchen to their hands. In an age where food safety and hygiene are top concerns, providing this extra layer of security can set your establishment apart. Customers appreciate knowing that their food is safe, and the tamper-resistant seal provides that peace of mind.

Easy to Use, Easy to Love 

The hinged design of these containers is a stroke of genius. It allows for effortless opening and closing, streamlining the process of packing up lunches or snacks. No more wrestling with cling film or struggling to seal traditional containers. With the Karat sandwich wedge container, convenience is key. This ease of use extends beyond just the customers; it also benefits your staff, saving them time and effort during the busy rush periods.

Reliable and Versatile 

With dimensions of 8"x3.1"x4" and a capacity of 17oz, these containers are spacious enough to accommodate a variety of sandwich sizes and styles. Whether you're serving up towering club sandwiches or dainty tea sandwiches, rest assured they'll fit snugly inside these wedges. Plus, their clear color allows your culinary creations to shine through, tempting customers at first glance. The versatility of these containers means they can be used for a wide range of food items, from sandwiches to salads to desserts, making them a valuable asset in any food service establishment. 

Economical and Efficient 

Sold in bundles of 200 pieces (25 pieces per pack, 8 packs per bundle), these containers are not only convenient but also cost-effective. You'll have an ample supply on hand to meet the demands of your busy establishment without breaking the bank. And with each container designed for single-use, you'll minimize cleanup and maximize efficiency in your operation. Additionally, the PET material is lightweight yet durable, reducing the risk of breakage during transport and storage, further adding to the cost-effectiveness of these containers. 


Conclusion: A Fresh Approach to Food Packaging 

In the competitive world of food service, every detail matters. From the quality of your ingredients to the presentation of your dishes, each element contributes to the overall dining experience. With the Karat 17oz PET Tamper Resistant Hinged Sandwich Wedge Container, you can rest assured that your sandwiches will arrive at their destination fresh, secure, and ready to delight your customers. So why settle for anything less? Upgrade your food packaging game today and experience the difference firsthand. Your customers—and your bottom line—will thank you for it. With its convenience, reliability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness, the Karat sandwich wedge container is a must-have for any food service establishment looking to elevate its packaging and customer experience. 


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