Thanksgiving Essentials
By: Alyssa Deguzman

November is here, but before everyone gets too excited and skips straight to winter festivities, we can’t forget about Thanksgiving. For those of you who are confused, that’s the holiday that comes in between Halloween and Christmas. Don’t let the store shelves fool you, there’s one more holiday before Christmas is here.

Whether your menu consists of the classic essential dishes or have your own traditions, what makes a thanksgiving special is the time spent with your loved ones, so enjoy the day off and indulge in some delicious food with great company.


Thanksgiving Dinner Essentials and Essential Thanksgiving Sides

Majority of those who celebrate Thanksgiving see turkey as the main event of their meals, but there are so many other foods that make this holiday complete. From turkey to pies, ensure your menu covers all the essential Thanksgiving dishes and essential Thanksgiving sides. Here’s a list of some of the classics found at most dinner tables.


Thanksgiving’s bestseller, the notorious star of the show, the main character. Turkey is a guarantee at many households that take part in celebrating this feast-filled day. People tend to base their side dishes on what matches the turkey’s flavor, so it’s a must-have.

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are indulged as a side throughout the entire year, but Thanksgiving is where this dish gets to stand out and shine. It pairs perfectly with all thanksgiving dishes from turkey to stuffing.


Of course, you can’t have mashed potatoes without the gravy. It’s a staple combination, they go hand in hand. But gravy’s also versatile and pairs well with most sides and main dishes at the dinner table.


Stuffing is a Thanksgiving classic. The table spread just isn’t complete without the stuffing, whether you eat it or not. It’s an essential and resembles all savory fall flavors in one bite. It also goes great with all the other foods that makes a Thanksgiving plate complete.

Mac and Cheese

This may not be a classic to some, but it’s still a thanksgiving side. Mac and cheese may be an underrated Thanksgiving dinner dish, but it’s delicious and offers a different taste to what’s on the table. It’s a good dish to have between plates or even mixed with all the other classics. You can never go wrong with some mac and cheese.

Cranberry Sauce

When you think of Thanksgiving, cranberry sauce more than likely comes to mind. It’s a unique sauce that adds some sweet and tartness to all the savory flavors. Strangely enough, it does seem to go well with a Thanksgiving meal. Plus, it adds more color to your plate and makes the table look prettier.

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Green bean casseroles and sweet potato casseroles are very commonly found at Thanksgiving dinners. Casseroles are always a safe side to have and make for great alternatives or additions to mashed potatoes and mac and cheese.

• Rolls

Fresh warm rolls are a delicious little addition to your dinner plate, hence why they’re also referred to as dinner rolls. The way the bread soaks up the sauces and melts in your mouth, but also cleanses your pallet for your next bite. It’s the best to have at the table, plus when you’re almost done with your plate, you could use the rolls to make little mini sandwiches, so your plate is left with no scraps.


Pumpkin, pecan, whichever you prefer, it’s a staple to have on the menu. Thanksgiving is not thanksgiving without the pie for dessert. It’s comforting and filling, which is what Thanksgiving should feel like. It’s the perfect end to your feast.

Thanksgiving Essentials Shopping List

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Take Away

The process of setting up for Thanksgiving dinner can be overwhelming but coming up with a menu ahead of time can help ease the stress. Planning out what you want to make or throwing a potluck style dinner could also be fun and less stressful. Incorporate some of these essential Thanksgiving dishes and essential Thanksgiving sides for your feasts.
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