Torani's Beverage Trends of 2022
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Torani's Beverage Trends of 2022

By: Alyssa Deguzman

There has been an ongoing shift in beverage trends we see today, especially due to the unprecedented times this pandemic has caused. Believe it or not, beverage trends are heavily impacted because consumers have started leaving their homes less, causing them to jump on social media’s latest DIY trends. It is important to be aware of these trends and stay up to date so that your drinks will stand out and get the consumers to go to your café, restaurant or bar.

Beverage Trends of 2022

Torani has put together a list of five Beverage Trends of 2022. According to Torani’s 2022 annual outlook, these are the major trends we can expect to see impacting buying behavior.

1. Shift in Consumption Patterns

The pandemic that began in 2020 has incited an exponential change in how consumers purchase and consume products, especially in the food and beverage industry. People are starting to leave their houses later. Early-morning coffee is now being made at home, shifting out-of-home activities to later in the day. Because of this, consumers are now searching for mid-afternoon pick me ups that go beyond espressos and hot coffees.

Consumers are now searching for cold forms of energy boosters, from iced coffees to smoothies. Afternoon snacks have also progressed into having an afternoon beverage of some sort. Mid-to-late afternoon beverages are more likely to incorporate functional elements such as energy, hydration, or satiety, according to Torani.

2. Borrowed Comfort – Where Nostalgia and Culinary Tourism Meet

Consumers have been longing to travel but haven’t been able to. Because of this, consumers started exploring for ways to embellish their tastebuds without having to get on a plane or go too far from home. They want that sense of comfort and familiarity, but still also want to expand their palates while staying within their own communities.

With the world slowly going back to “normal,” people are finally ready to get back out there. Consumers are still longing for that specific sense of adventure. They crave the feeling of nostalgia with a mixture of certain international flavors. People want to feel connected by being adventurous when it comes to exploring comfort foods and tastes from all around the world, all while staying local.

3. Over the Top – Beyond “Instagrammable”

With social media determining latest trends, it isn’t a surprise that DIY drinks have become extremely popular. Platforms such as TikTok and Instagram have heavily influenced the rise of do-it-yourself at-home baristas.

Now, more than ever, it’s harder to get people to go out to cafés, restaurants, or bars for drinks that encourage consumers to step out of their comfort zones because they can make their own unique and fun beverages at home to their liking. So, how do you get them to want to go out and try your drinks? By adding more excitement to your beverage experience with products and flavors the consumer has no access to at home. For example, layering your drinks with vibrant colors and flavors that consumers are less likely to purchase for in-home use gives your beverages a distinctive appeal. Flavorings such as salted egg yolk or prickly pear are probably not in the homes of consumers, so including those can be beneficial in your menus. It sets you apart from themselves makes them want to go out and have your drinks instead.


4. Functional Energy Beyond Coffee

Flavored energy drinks are on the come up and are not going anywhere any time soon. Over the last couple years, there has been a flavored energy craze, especially with Gen Z. Consumers are now seeking energy in other beverage options beyond just coffee. They specifically want made to order energy drinks and are looking to find their afternoon caffeine fix through that.

According to Torani’s statistics, in the last 3 months alone, 33% of consumers have purchased a made to order flavor infused energy drink of some sort. The heaviest consumers of this trend are typically people between the ages of 25-39 of any gender. Other users in this category also include people who have young children at home, are married, make a higher income, work full time, and purchase commonly.

torani floral

5. Everything’s Blooming up

Floral trends are here to stay. There has not been any slow down of this trend because it’s fun and gives beverages a unique twist. Floral flavorings are complimented by other flavors that are low in acidity and high in fragrance. For example, matcha, vanilla, honey, and peach all make great pairings to all things floral. More familiar flavors that go well with florals are bergamot, cantaloupe, blueberry, and lemon. Consumers are more likely to branch out of their comfort zone if they see a familiar flavor paired with the unfamiliarity of the floral taste.

The floral trend also adds a certain poise to your beverages, making them complex and sure to capture the attention of consumers. Incorporating this trend into your beverages also gives your drinks an elegant, steady and harmonious flavor profile.

The Bottom Line

Consumers purchase based on the trends they see, so staying in the know gives you leverage. If your beverages are one of a kind, people are bound to want to try them.

Following these trends will keep people intrigued, helping your business grow and stay out of the ordinary.


For recipes on these trends to incorporate into your beverages, visit Torani’s Pourcast.