Very Peri Boba Tea Drinks for 2022
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Very Peri Boba Tea Drinks for 2022

By: Lauren Landry

Learn the best flavors, powders, and syrups to use to achieve Pantone’s Color of The Year 2022.

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Pantone has released 2022’s Color of The Year – Very Peri. This color is described as a periwinkle blue with violet-red undertones. Compared to a natural crystal, it’s either tanzanite or an amethyst. It could be blueberry, plum, or purple grape when compared to fruits. So jumping on the color bandwagon this new year is not just for the fashion and jewelry industry. Food businesses like your boba tea shop should not be missing out!

Creating Very Peri-inspired drinks should not be difficult. In fact, there are many flavors that you can use to achieve the luscious blue-purple color in beverages. So to help you with a new series of “Pantone Color of The Year Specialty Drinks,” we came up with a list of flavors, powders, and syrups that are readily available in a boba supply store near you:

Here are the Top Five Very Peri flavors for 2022:

  1. Taro
  2. Grape
  3. Blueberry
  4. Blackberry
  5. Mixed Berries

#1 Taro

Taro is a very popular purple drink and is usually created without tea, making them a caffeine-free boba tea alternative for kids. It’s starchy, creamy, and has a distinct sweet taste similar to vanilla. Aside from that, taro is rich in fiber, Vitamin B6, potassium, magnesium, and other nutrients. So aside from marketing taro as a trendy Very Peri drink, you can also focus on its health benefits.

#2 Grape

Grape may not be as popular as taro, but this flavor is also perfect to use in boba tea beverages. Besides its bluey-purple color, grape flavoring is reminiscent of lunch box grape juice for kids, which can immediately take your customers back to their childhood. Natural grape juice itself is not purple in color and more like an orange-brown hue, but it’s very easy to create the violet color with grape syrup.

#3 Blueberry

Although its name is blue, blueberry juice is more like a blue-violet color. Blueberry is a popular flavor used along with cream cheese, and although it’s initially a cake flavor, blueberry cream cheese is a popular beverage flavor as well. The tartness of blueberry complements the creamy, salty taste of cream cheese. So there is absolutely no reason why this drink shouldn’t be included in your Very Peri menu.

#4 Blackberry

Just like blueberry, blackberry is a great flavor to use to create a Very Peri drink. Blackberry is a deep blue color with a sweet-tart flavor, just like blueberry. But the colors vary with every syrup brand; some may have a red-violet color while some have a blue-violet tone. Blackberry is perfect for blending with vanilla to achieve a sweeter creamy taste and get a light blue-purple color. 

#5 Mixed Berries

Mixed berries are usually a combination of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries, and their colors create the perfect blue-violet color in drinks. As for the flavor, the sweetness and tartness of the mix are also a great combination that will tickle your taste buds. Mixed berries blend well with cream cheese, milk, or whipping cream as well. And if you want to sell healthy boba tea drinks, this flavor is the perfect one to offer as it contains all the nutrients of all the berries in the mix.

Now that we discussed the top five flavors, here below are examples of powders and syrups that you can use to create Very Peri drinks:

Tea Zone Taro Powder

Tea Zone Taro Powder not only has the perfect taro flavor, but it also has a beautiful paste blue-purple color. It’s ideal for creating not just boba tea drinks but also smoothies, flavored milk, ice cream, jellies, and other desserts. 

Torani Grape Syrup

Torani’s Grape Syrup has a Concord grape flavor, so it’s mild and sweet instead of sour. The syrup’s color is a deep blue-black, so you can tone down the darkness by adding more cream or milk to the drink. Torani Grape Syrup is perfect for boba tea, sodas, and other frozen drinks.

Tea Zone Blueberry Syrup

Tea Zone’s Blueberry Syrup is made from natural ingredients. The syrup is dark purple in color and can immediately add color to any beverage, be it boba tea, frozen yogurt, or alcoholic cocktails. What’s best about this brand is that it comes in 64oz bottles and can be equipped with a handy pump dispenser to lessen product waste.

DaVinci Blackberry Syrup

DaVinci’s Blackberry Syrup has a taste of ripe blackberries and is made with pure cane sugar. It has a beautiful dark red-violet color and can be mixed with bluer-colored syrup, like blueberry, to achieve the Very Peri color. This blackberry syrup by DaVinci is ideal not just for boba tea drinks but also for unique coffee flavors, cocktails, and even desserts. 

1883 Maison Routin Mixed Berries Syrup

1883 Maison Routin’s Mixed Berries Syrup is red rather than purple, so it can be mixed with blue or violet-colored syrups to create a blue-purple hue. This syrup has the perfect blend of red berries mixed with vanilla for a sweet, fruity taste. It can be used to flavor and color boba tea beverages, sodas, smoothies, and cocktails. 

Tea Zone Strawberry Powder

Last on the list is a pink powder, but just like 1883 Maison Routin Mixed Berries Syrup, it can be blended with blue or purple powder or syrup to achieve Very Peri. It’s perfect for adding a tinge of pink or red to a very blue tone. Tea Zone’s Strawberry Powder features a sweet strawberry flavor and is ideal for boba tea drinks, frozen yogurts, slushies, smoothies, teas, and other specialty drinks. 




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