What is Longan Honey?
By: Alyssa Deguzman

World Honeybee Day is on August 20th. Honeybees deserve to be celebrated for their contribution to our planet because they are crucial to our everyday lives. They’re important because their role as pollinators make them vital for food supplies. Honeybees from all over the world are also essential for the growth of many plants, including food crops.

Honey is a sweet liquid created by honeybees using the nectar of blossoming plants. There are about 320 variations of honey that differ in color, smell, and taste. With World Honeybee Day around the corner, it’s the best time to introduce a different type of honey. Longan honey might be an unfamiliar flavor in the States, but it’s just as delicious and healthy as the honey we’re used to.


What is Longan Honey?
Longan honey is a very common type of honey in Asia. It’s mainly produced in the springtime and derives from the nectar of longan orchids, which is why it’s also referred to as spring honey. The orchids typically open during the night and pollination, takes place from early-morning to mid-afternoon, mainly from honeybees.

Longan fruit is a fruit that belongs in the soapberry family. Longan is native to Southeast Asia and is widely grown in Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, and China. In South and Southeast Asia, longan is one of the most popular fruit trees and is often compared to lychee. It’s still new to the United States and is only made in Florida, Texas, Nevada, Georgia, California, Hawaii, and Arizona.


Longan Honey vs. Honey
Honey is produced from all over the world and is a natural sweetener with various health benefits. Longan Honey is darker in color and has a sweeter taste than regular honey. This spring honey can also be refrigerated or left in room temperature without changing its consistency and color. It’s also harder to crystallize because of its thicker particles.

Longan only blooms from March to May, so that’s the only time in the year bees can collect longan honey. Regular honey is usually harvested at least 2 to 3 times a season. Most beekeepers collect honey between mid-June and mid-September, or sometimes once per season in later summer or early fall.

Longan honey also has a distinct floral and fruity flavor that makes it tangy, yet smooth. It’s one of the most popular honey types for cooking boba, but it can also be used in teas and a variety of beverages and desserts.


Longan Honey Health Benefits
Honey is said to be better for blood sugar levels than regular sugar. Because it’s so rich in antioxidants, it’s the ideal organic sweetener. Longan honey is no different, though it’s not as common. Longan is considered a superfood because it provides several health benefits. The fruit is high in iron and rich in glucose, sucrose, and protein.

According to traditional folk medicine, longan honey can be used to reduce fatigue and restore energy. It also benefits digestion and appetite. Longan is also proven to improve memory, boost skin health, improve sleep quality, boost immunity, and protect against chronic diseases. It’s packed with vitamins and minerals and can be beneficial to people of all ages.

Although Longan honey is the perfect substitution to sugar, it’s important to consume in moderation as it performs similar to sugar. It may be healthier, but it’s still valuable to monitor intake. Like any sweetener, too much of it can also cause health concerns. It’s essential to be aware and not overindulge, even if longan honey is better for you to ingest.


Where can you Find Longan Honey?
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