Why Invest in Paper Cups For Your Boba Tea Business
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Why Invest in Paper Cups For Your Boba Tea Business

By: Lauren Landry

Here’s everything you need to know about paper hot cups and why they are worth your investment.

Paper cups are also known as to-go cups or disposable cups and are designed for hot drinks. They can hold a variety of hot contents and are available in a range of sizes. And today, we’ll discuss why these cups are one of the most essential boba supplies you need to invest in today. 


What are the benefits of paper cups for food and beverage businesses?

Paper cups are available in various designs and sizes which allows you to get ones that are perfect for the beverages you are selling. You can get paper cups in kraft, black, generic eco-friendly designs, or those with textured surfaces. These lightweight cups are also available in various sizes, from 0.75 oz portion cups to large 24 oz ones. On the same note, the plain white cups are perfect for customization, so you can have your business logo and other marketing material printed on them.


What are the uses of paper cups?

Aside from the obvious utility of paper cups which is to hold hot drinks, they can also be used in many different ways. Here are some:

#1 Paper cups can also be used for cold drinks and desserts.

If you also offer cold drinks and desserts, these paper cups are perfect as well. They can hold juice, iced coffee, soda, sparkling water, ice cream, and even yogurt. And because they are available in small sizes, they can also be used for beverage or snack samplers and even dips and sauces. These cups are truly versatile! 

#2 Paper cups can hold alcoholic beverages.

Paper cups can also be used for alcoholic drinks or beverages spiked with some alcohol in them. Most paper cups today are made to be very durable, and they can hold such drinks without leaking or breaking apart.

#3 They can be used to hold utensils and beverage napkins.

If you are a food or beverage stand business that provides limited or no tables at all for customers, you can use paper cups to hold utensils and napkins along with food orders. Doing so keeps the supplies organized and prevents them from falling to the floor or flying off.


What is the best brand of paper cups?

Hands down, Karat is the best brand of paper cups. The brand offers premium high-quality paper hot cups that are made to be resilient and durable. Here are some of the paper cups that are worth investing in for your boba tea shop or restaurant:

#1 Karat White Paper Hot Cups

Karat’s premium white paper cups are designed for hot beverages but can also be used for cold drinks and desserts in case you run out of paper cold cups. The cups feature a double poly lining to prevent leaking. These white cups are available in 10 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz, and 20 oz.

#2 Karat Ripple Paper Hot Cups

Karat’s ripple cups feature an extra layer of insulation to keep beverages warmer and to provide a better grip. This feature is helpful in case you have no cup jackets available. Karat’s ripple paper cups come in earthy kraft and sophisticated black in the following sizes -- 10 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz, and 20 oz sizes.

#3 Karat Generic Paper Hot Cups

Lastly, Karat also has generic hot cups with a design perfect for coffee and teas. The brown design features the following words, “coffee,” “espresso,” and “hot cocoa,” and coffee cups and coffee stains graphics. These generic hot cups are available in 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz, 20 oz, and 24 oz sizes.

All three designs of Karat’s paper hot cups can be matched with sipper dome lids of the same size in white or black, perfect for to-go orders.




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