Why Popping Pearls Are Essential Boba Supplies
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Why Popping Pearls Are Essential Boba Supplies

By: Lauren Landry

Learn everything about popping pearls and why they are must-have boba supplies.

tea zone popping pearls

Popping pearls or bursting boba have always been mistakenly identified as tapioca boba pearls. Although both add texture to drinks and are readily available in a boba supply store, these two are actually different. Popping pearls are juicy tiny pearls that burst with flavor when pierced, while tapioca boba pearls are solid, chewy, and usually do not have any distinct taste. When it comes to size, popping pearls are smaller than tapioca boba.

These colorful popping pearls do not require cooking. Unlike tapioca boba, which needs to be cooked an hour or so before serving, popping pearls are sold in releasable containers and can be directly added to beverages and desserts. With that said, they are pretty convenient when it comes to adding flavor, texture, and color to any drink in a fast-paced food business.


What beverages use popping pearls?

Popping pearls can be served the way tapioca pearls are served. However, they are mostly used for frozen yogurt, ice cream, and smoothies as toppings. These low-calorie pearls are also used to intensify the flavor and add texture and color to juices and other cold and iced beverages.

However, popping pearls would need to have the same flavor or must complement the drink's taste. Whereas tapioca can be added to any slushie, juice, and tea regardless of their flavor because boba mainly adds texture.


What are the best flavors of popping pearls?

Tea Zone is a brand of high-quality boba tea and food and beverage ingredients, including popping pearls. The brand currently offers a wide variety of flavors that range from sweet to sour and creamy to fruity. Here are ten flavors that you might want to try for your future beverage creations:

#1 Tea Zone Kiwi Popping Pearls
These kiwi pearls are perfect for adding tropical vibes to any cold or iced beverage. Each pearl contains delicious kiwi juice with the right tartness and comes in a dark green color.

#2 Tea Zone Pomegranate Popping Pearls
The bursting pearls are filled with fruity pomegranate juice and are perfect for leveling up simple pomegranate smoothies. The pearls come in a lovely red color and make any beverage look more enticing.

#3 Tea Zone Blueberry Popping Pearls
These dark blue violet-colored pearls provide a delicious blueberry taste to any drink. They are perfect for mocktails and other mixed iced beverages during warm weather.

,br>#4 Tea Zone Orange Popping Pearls
These orange popping pearls contain the essence and goodness of real oranges, making them ideal for adding to citrus smoothies and juices. The pearls' orange color intensifies the flavor and color of any citrus drink.

#5 Tea Zone Strawberry Popping Pearls
Strawberry popping pearls contain strawberry juice that can provide just the right flavor and sourness to any beverage. These pink pearls are perfect for adding to chocolate-based and vanilla-based drinks for that ideal berry choco/cream flavor.

#6 Tea Zone Yogurt Popping Pearls
These yogurt popping pearls provide a great yogurt that immediately adds sweetness and creaminess to any cold drink. They come in a lovely white color, so these pearls are ideal for drinks with darker colors.

#7 Tea Zone Rose Popping Pearls
These rose-flavored popping pearls feature a vibrant light pink color, making them suitable as garnish. Each pearl contains a unique floral flavor to add a bit of oomph to drinks and desserts.

#8 Tea Zone Lemon Popping Pearls
Lemon popping pearls are ideal for adding texture to citrus drinks. The sweet and sour juice inside each pearl will leave your customers’ taste buds with a fun surprise, allowing them to enjoy your drinks even more.

#9 Tea Zone Chocolate Popping Pearls
These chocolate-flavored bursting boba pearls are perfect for any cream-based or coffee-based drink. Each pearl contains the rich sweetness of chocolate and comes with a brown color similar to tapioca boba.

#10 Tea Zone Rainbow Popping Pearls
The rainbow popping pearls are perfect for adding a burst of multiple colors to any drink or dessert. Unlike the previous flavors, this variant features pearls of assorted colors and flavors.

The takeaways

Popping pearls are essential boba tea shop supplies because they are ideal cold beverage ingredients for a fast-paced business like boba tea shops and fast-food restaurants. These pearls can easily add color, flavor, and texture to most cold and iced drinks and snacks.

When it comes to new beverage development, popping pearls allow you to experiment and create new flavors easily, as cooking is not needed anymore. And because they are available in many fun colors, popping pearls also add a fun vibe to your drinks and make them more aesthetically pleasing.

These flavored bursting pearls are also easy to purchase either from a boba supply store near you or online. 




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