Why Use Bagasse To-Go Containers For Your Food Business
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Why Use Bagasse To-Go Containers For Your Food Business

By: Lauren Landry

Learn more about bagasse to-go containers and why they are worth your investment.


Bagasse to-go containers are better than plastic ones.


Food businesses that offer takeaway orders will need to invest in quality, durable wholesale to go containers. But have you heard of bagasse containers? They are the future of sustainable food packaging, and as a business in the food industry, knowing more about these containers and their benefits is important. 


What is bagasse?

Bagasse is the fibrous material or pulp that remains after the extraction of juice from sugarcane to create sugar. It is basically sugarcane pulp. When you think about it, it is actually waste material, but this byproduct has been used to make a variety of products. Bagasse is abundant, versatile, and inexpensive, making them perfect to use for different types of food packaging. These are reasons why bagasse is better than plastic takeout containers.


What are the benefits of using bagasse to-go containers?

  • Bagasse to-go containers are cost-effective.
  • They are environmentally-friendly
  • Bagasse is safe.
  • Bagasse to-go containers are lightweight yet durable.
  • These containers are aesthetically pleasing.

    #1 Bagasse to-go containers are cost-effective.

    Sugarcanes are a common global resource, and the harvesting of around a hundred tons of sugarcane can provide about 10 tons of sugar and 34 tons of bagasse. With that said, supply is high, and they are readily available, making bagasse to-go containers cheap yet providing such benefits to both companies and consumers.

    #2 They are environmentally-friendly

    Because they are fully compostable and biodegradable, bagasse to-go containers barely have any impact on the environment. They will break down in just one to three months in a commercial composting facility. They indeed are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic food containers. Aside from that, manufacturing these containers also requires little energy, so they create a smaller carbon footprint.

    #3 Bagasse is safe.

    Unlike many other materials like plastic, bagasse food containers do not leave any strong smells, tastes, or residue. This means that food consumed from a bagasse to-go container has no bad smell that could negatively affect its taste and quality. Furthermore, these containers are freezer and microwave safe, which means they can withstand temperatures from -25°C to 220°C.

    #4 Bagasse to-go containers are lightweight yet durable.

    Bagasse fiber provides more durability and strength despite being lightweight compared to polystyrene, styrofoam, and paper products. The sturdy material also has insulating properties as it can keep food warmer for a longer time. 

    #5 These containers are aesthetically pleasing.

    Finally, bagasse to-go containers are, no doubt, aesthetically pleasing. They look effortlessly sophisticated and chic compared to plastic containers. They come in shades of brown or beige and give an earthy vibe that complements the idea of being eco-friendly. They match other eco-friendly wholesale to-go containers and supplies. 


    What is the recommended brand of bagasse containers?

    Karat Earth offers bagasse to-go containers in various sizes and styles. Get to choose from the hinged containers, ones with separate lids, containers with compartments, and round ones. The brand basically has a container for every food item on your menu, whether it be pasta, salads, rice, burgers, and chips, without the environmental harm of plastic or foam!

    Karat Earth's bagasse containers are available in multiple sizes and styles.

    Furthermore, Karat Earth’s compostable bagasse containers are Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI)-approved with certificate number 10528492-2. This means that the containers are biodegradable and compostable in commercial composting facilities.


    The takeaway

    Plastic food containers are non-renewable and require a lot of energy during manufacturing. Worst of all, it takes hundreds of years for them to degrade and cause the death of ocean life. On the other hand, bagasse to-go containers are compostable, naturally made, and will quickly break down, leaving no harmful effects on the environment. 

    It is a no-brainer that these containers are perfect for sustainable food businesses who want to help lessen the devastating effects that various plastics have on our environment. So if you are about to purchase wholesale to-go containers soon, consider getting ones made of bagasse. Be a socially conscious brand!




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