Why Use Paper Bags For Your Food Business
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Why Use Paper Bags For Your Food Business

By: Lauren Landry

Here are reasons why paper bags are the better option when it comes to packaging to-go orders.

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Karat’s Newport Paper Shopping Bags are large enough to hold multiple to-go containers.


Food businesses that offer to-go orders would need to stock up on quality wholesale to go containers and bags that are strong enough to carry them. Plastic bags are the preferred type of most businesses because they are cheap and readily available. However, with the increasing plastic waste problem in our oceans and landfills, businesses must shift to using paper bags instead.


Why should food businesses consider switching to paper bags?

Aside from helping reduce the waste problem, here are the top four reasons why food businesses should consider switching from using plastic bags to paper bags:

#1 Paper bags are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

First off, paper bags are the safer choice because they are not toxic in nature. This means that, unlike plastic bags, paper bags are not made of harmful chemicals, making them absolutely food-safe. Using these bags also helps reduce toxic fumes.

Paper bags are eco-friendly in so many ways. They are made of completely biodegradable materials, which means they decompose faster than plastic bags, as they quickly turn into natural fertilizer for plants and trees. Paper bags also will not contribute to the death of ocean life in case they end up in the sea.

Finally, paper bags are reusable and recyclable. Your customers can use your paper bags to store other food or non-food items once they get home. As for your business, used paper bags can hold trash and can be used to segregate other biodegradable waste.

#2 They are durable and can carry more food items.

It is a myth that paper bags are not sturdy enough. In fact, these bags are created using durable material which is capable of carrying more weight than a single-use plastic bag. You also have the option to purchase ones with handles for heavier and multiple food items or containers.

Paper bags are self-standing and have a wider space compared to plastic bags because of how they are constructed. The rectangular bottom allows for more space, and you can stack containers on top of one another to make them look more neat and organized.

#3 Paper bags can be used for promotional purposes. 

Just like plastic bags, paper bags are also custom-ready. They can be printed with your food business' logo, social media information, and promotional messages with non-toxic ink. With custom printed bags, your brand goes wherever the customer goes. And since people tend to save paper bags for later use, you get the benefit of continuous promotion without spending anything more.

On the same note, customized paper bags look more elegant than plastic bags. Paper bags can give your food business an edge over customers who continue to use bland, cheap-looking, toxic plastic bags.

#4 Using paper bags is a great way to rebrand.

If you have been previously using plastic bags, shifting to paper bags is an effective way to rebrand as a sustainable business. This shift also will catch the attention of potential customers and will be applauded for making the conscious move to being socially responsible.

Studies have also shown that consumers today prefer eco-friendly brands and products. Nielsen calculated an almost 50 percent jump in sustainable product sales in 2020 compared to 2014. And even despite the pandemic, sustainability-marketed products continued to grow, according to the Center for Sustainable Business (CSB) at NYU. With that said, using paper bags instead of plastic also benefits your business.


What are the types of paper bags for food businesses?

There are two types of paper bags in the market today -- ones with handles and ones without. The paper bags with handles like Karat’s Newport Paper Shopping Bags are ideal for carrying heavier food containers or multiple orders. They can also be used for storing and shipping bulk food orders and are pretty convenient for catering services.

the other hand, paper bags with no handles, like Karat’s White 4 lb Paper Bags, are ideal for single orders, small food products like sandwiches, or food items that are not that heavy. Nonetheless, these bags are durable enough that they will not easily tear open or break apart. 

Paper bags are also generally available in two colors – white and kraft. The white version is perfect for printing images and text of multiple colors, while the kraft version is ideal for single-color printing and for achieving crafty, vintage-inspired packaging.


The takeaway

Using paper bags will not just benefit your business but also your customers and the environment. Doing so allows you to effectively rebrand to a socially conscious food business, attracting more potential customers. Paper bags indeed outperform plastic bags in many aspects, so deciding to make the switch should not be that difficult.




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