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Why You Should Custom Print

By: Annie Yao

When thinking of KFC, the first thing that comes to mind is likely the face of its founder, Colonel Sanders, as his likeness is prominently featured in the company's logo. This logo has been representing KFC for over 70 years and highlights the importance of logos in delivering a brand's message to customers. To maximize the impact of logos, custom printing is an effective solution for restaurants to showcase their unique brand persona.

There are three key reasons to opt for custom printing:
There are three main reasons you should custom print:

1. Custom Printing Establishes a Strong and Consistent Image for Your Company.

When customers visit a restaurant or business, they form an impression based on various factors such as food quality and service. In a highly competitive market, it can be challenging to stand out and leave a lasting impression. Custom printing is an effective way to differentiate your company and establish a solid and consistent image in the minds of your customers.

How do You Stay Top of Mind and Leave a Unique Impression? The answer is simple: logo. A well-designed logo can communicate the type of business you are and the style you represent, creating a consistent impression.
As Paul Rand, one of the most famous photographers of the 20th century, said: "A logo doesn't sell, it defines." Custom printing is the key to delivering a clear branding message to your customers.
For instance, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Panda Express is its giant red, white, and black logo featuring a cute panda. This logo immediately informs customers that they are about to enjoy Chinese food, creating a connection between the brand and the customer. Custom printing this logo on various supplies, menus, shirts, etc., reinforces this connection and helps Panda Express establish a consistent impression in the minds of its customers.

2. Custom Printing Restaurant Supplies is an Efficient and Cost-Effective Visual Aid.

Visual advertising is a direct and effective way to achieve advertising goals for any business, and custom printing on restaurant supplies is an affordable and efficient way to accomplish this. Restaurants don't need to spend a lot on advertising when they can custom print on their supplies. With the recent pandemic leading to increased takeout and delivery orders, restaurants are sending their food in branded to-go containers.

According to Forbes survey data:
• Takeout for pickup is expected to bring in $124 billion in sales in the current year.
• Direct restaurant delivery for takeout is expected to generate $32 billion.
• Takeout with delivery from a third-party delivery company is expected to bring in $13 billion.

Therefore, customers' impression of restaurants is largely based on their pickup or delivery experience. Custom printing your business logo on to-go containers is an easy and effective way for restaurants to promote their brand and convey their message.


3. Custom Printed Logos Can Spark Interest Among New Customers

Custom printing not only helps build brand recognition among existing customers, but it can also trigger interest among new customers. When friends and acquaintances see your logo on to-go containers, packaging, and other items, they may be intrigued and motivated to visit your restaurant.
For example, if someone is craving tacos and they remember the bold Taco Bell logo they saw on to-go cups, containers, or napkins, they may be prompted to visit the restaurant


Take Away

Marketing encompasses more than just social media, email, or TV ads. It's about making a lasting impression on people and embedding your brand in their memories. This can be achieved through a strong logo and strategic placement on to-go containers and other restaurant supplies. If you're looking to boost your brand exposure through custom printing, consider a custom printing service.