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Winter Menu Essentials

Winter is coming! Stock up on our Winter Favorites. From holiday parties, coffee shops, dive bars and more prepare your home or restaurant for high spirits this season. Prepare for cozy gatherings and heartwarming moments. So, what are some necessary items to have in stock this holiday season?


Dried oranges on granite countertop. Orange topping for cocktail. Dried Orange

Build-Your-Own Cocktail/Mocktail Station

Garnishes like rosemary, candied cranberries, dried oranges, or fresh pomegranate seeds can help your guests and customers feel the warmth this holiday season. Let your guests create personalized drinks, fostering a festive experience.





But what about your core seasonal menu offerings? We have got you covered. We are going to serve up some delicious ideas, tips, and tricks for you to use this holiday season!



Hot Chocolate in glass mugs with festive Christmas background

Hot Chocolate with a Twist! 

Of course, a cup of hot chocolate will bring a smile to anyone’s face during these brisk months, but have you thought about revolutionizing your classic hot chocolate recipe?

Well, we have some ideas for you!

Embark into the Candy Cane Forest: Peppermint Hot Chocolate is a customer favorite for any age! Add one pump of peppermint syrup to your mug for a unique flavor. To add a bit of flare, try dressing the glass with Peppermint Bark Sauce and crushed candy canes. This elevates a classic winter drink into an Instagramable libation for customers to share your business establishment online.

The Nutcrackers Favorite: Hazelnut Hot Chocolate is a classic menu offering! Add a pump of your favorite hazelnut syrup to your hot chocolate for a full bodied, nutty flavor! Stir in a little cinnamon or cayenne pepper to turn it into a classic Mexican Hot Chocolate. Yum!



Mule mug with pomegranate and oranges inside

Serve up Good Cheer with Orange & Pomegranate

Have you ever received an orange in your stocking on Christmas morning? Well, there is a reason! Oranges were once said to represent gold, but now oranges symbolize the importance of giving. Once a rarity in the winter, children looked forward to treating themselves on Christmas morning to this delicious fruit. Pomegranates, a symbol of good luck for the new year, are found in many decorations throughout the holiday season. With many ties to the Greek and Jewish communities offering a piece of home to customers and guests in a busy season can go very far.

Add Pomegranate Popping Pearls and Orange Syrup to a classic mimosa or a spiked apple cider for a Seasonal Menu Item!



  Chai with gingerbread cookies and cinnamon stick

Make a Gingerbread House into a Gingerbread Home:

A holiday classic: A gingerbread house competition. Blow the competition away with this drink staple. Add a cozy twist to your regular Chai Tea Latte! With a single pump of Gingerbread Syrup, a splash of milk, and a dash of cinnamon sprinkled on top of your freshly brewed chai you will have the coziest comforting drink for guests and customers to savor and enjoy in the coldest of months to come!




At LollicupStore, we're grateful for your continuous support. As you prepare for the holiday season, may these menu ideas bring joy to your patrons and guests, fostering warmth and celebration. Wishing you a season filled with success, happiness, and delightful sips! Cheers to another wonderful year and a prosperous new one ahead!



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