Your Newest Customers: Gen Z
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Your Newest Customers: Gen Z

Who Is Gen Z and Why Should You Market to Them?

What age range is Gen Z? Gen Z’ers are those born 1997 to 2009. The oldest are in the workforce and some of the youngest are just entering middle school. They have been exposed to rapid technological advancements and many societal changes and significant world events at a young age.


So, what do we know about Gen Z so far?

The oldest members of Gen Z have lived through quite a few defining socioeconomic influences. The COVID-19 Pandemic affected Gen Z particularly hard, but the recession from 2007 to 2009 shaped their economic outlook for many. Their preference for ‘secure’ degrees contrasts with their predecessors, Millennials.

Gen Z’ers consumer behavior has been directly impacted by these events. They tend to be informed consumers when purchasing; wanting to weigh the options prior to a purchase and will shop around for the best deal over being brand specific. This new generation cares most about the value and quality of the product as well as the ethical practices of the company. They expect quality ingredients as health trends are on the rise.


So how do you reach Gen Z’ers?

  • Get Personal! Gen Z wants to feel like more than an order number to a company. Offer special personalized rewards and experiences for customers. Use your customer interests based off of customer orders, area demographics, and current trends to personalize your company offerings and advertisements.
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  • Get Social! Utilize micro-influencers and different trends to reach your target market. Gen Z’ers will watch and read reviews before purchasing, so send out your product to expand your reach. 
  • Get Quick! Gen Z has shorter attention spans than other generations before. Creating informational and short visual content will capture their interests more effectively.
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  • Get Online! We live in a digital world and Gen Z has only ever known modern day technology. They can multitask among different forms of technology simultaneously.
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  • Get Shareable! Gen Z has a focus on communal eating. They prefer to eat among one another in more of a family style setting. They crave real interaction and have found this over food.
  • Get Natural! Gen Z’ers look for natural ingredients. They are changing the drink industry by abstaining from alcohol. Offering natural ingredients in mocktail options are essential for these customers.

 How Gen Z is Changing the Beverage Industry:

The beverage industry has had a sudden change due to Gen Z's global reach and health conscious ideas. The term 'Sober Curious' has become part of their vernacular. More and more of the population is interested in living a sober life due  to mental and physical health concerns. Because of this, more people are turning to Zero Proof substitutes, coffees, teas, and health boosting drinks such as kombucha. This has in turn caused a rise in interest in Bubble Tea Shops and Cafes! It is important to offer alternatives within your menu such as sugar-free drinks, substitutes such as almond milk, or natural ingredients that are attractive to the health-conscious consumer. Consumers are also looking at lowering their caffeine intake by looking at alternatives to manufactured drinks like sodas. This has been essential in growing the tea and coffee industry.


Gen Z, as a consumer demographic, seeks transparency from companies. They desire to familiarize themselves with a company's identity, understand the ingredients or components of products or services offered, and ensure they are receiving optimal value for their investment. Embracing these emerging customers and their innovative perspectives can significantly contribute to the expansion and success of your business. By prioritizing transparency, engaging with their preferences, and integrating their fresh ideas, your company can effectively appeal to and engage with this influential consumer group, fostering growth and loyalty in the process.