Introducing the new Lollicupstore loyalty now called "LS Max". You can get free unlimited shipping on our products depending on your Max level! You'll also get access to exclusive coupons and special the more you buy the more you save bulk deals!.


Please note that our loyalty program is changing in the next few weeks to "Lollicupstore MAX Loyalty Membership"! This loyalty program, now being called "Lollicupstore MAX" is free and will offer you exclusive discounts based off of your last 12 months purchase amount.. You may even qualify for free shipping. For your continuous support, we are giving you these rewards:

Note: all minimum amounts are based on last 12-month total completed Online orders with us, meaning paid for and shipped. Not one single order. Per email/account only. Accounts cannot be combined to achieve minimum.

If you buy through a different company, create an account with us, email invoices valued more than $500 from that company to:, we will recognize up to Silver Loyalty Program.

                                                                                                                                  Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

                                                                 All discounts exclude equipment and store supplies, cannot be combined with any other coupon.

Spend this much within 12 months to qualify for the program
Minimum order that must be in cart to get discounts.
LS Max Starter

 - Promo Email Discounts Provided every week


New or clearance Items

$0 Cart Minimum
LS Max Plus

- Promo Email Discounts Provided every week


New, clearance or packaged Items ONLY.
5% OFF your entire order!

$29.00 Cart Minimum
LS Max Platinum

- Promo Email Coupons
- Brand Email Coupons


Most storewide
items ONLY**.
12% OFF your entire order!

$399.00 Cart Minimum

- Promo and Brand Email Coupons

- Apply for NET 30


Most storewide 
items ONLY**.
15% OFF your entire order!

$249.00 Cart Minimum

* *Free shipping minimum DOES NOT include TAX and HANDLING.

*A monthly charge of $89 will start

November 15, 2019, to stay on the LS MAX VIP.


Unlimited free shipping

With a Max membership, you can get unlimited free shipping on most of our qualifying products, depending on your level.


Priority order handling

We make sure you get what you want as fast as possible. Anything wrong with your products or shipment from us, we will fix.


Apply for Net 30 Terms

Max members get access to apply for net 30 day payment terms. Fill out the online form to see if you qualify!


Deeply discounted prices

You will get deeply discounted coupon codes via email that will allow a discount.


How does it work:

For Standard, Silver, Gold, and Platinum members, 

your discount will automatically apply to your orders at the level you qualified for before these orders, meaning, if you are standard level, and you purchase $1000 in new order, you will receive 3% off, not 5% off.

To SWITCH to free shipping, use code LOYALSHIP249  You will get FREE shipping on entire order instead of your discount percentage. Pick what is best for you. Remove the code will default back to your discount percentage.

VIP customers, you will be given 13% off automatically for all of your orders or you can use VIP149 code to switch to free shipping instead of 13% off.

+2% off bonus: for Gold Level or higher loyalty customers who can maintain last 30 days completed (meaning shipped and paid for, refunded does not count) orders amount $500 or more, your discount will increase 2% from your baseline. You must login to see if you qualify for the bonus. Only orders after you qualify will get the bonus, not the actual qalifying order.

For example, if your last 30 days total order amount is $501 and you are Gold, then, your discount will be 9%. However, if your last 30 days order amount is $499, your current order will still be 7% off, even if this order will push it past $500.
The discount is automatic, no coupon code to enter.

To Check Your Current Status, Please Login to Your Account, and Click on Loyalty Program:

Max Loyalty Program Backend

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