Karat 12'' PET Black Single Layer Cake Display Container with PET Clear Dome Lid - 50 Sets

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Karat Cake Display Containers are clear to allow perfect visibility for your 10" cake creation. This container can also be used to stack and store pastries such as sweet bread, donuts, cupcakes and more! The dome lid locks securely into the PET plastic bottom ensuring safe transport. These cake containers are made from strong durable materials and are crack-resistant. The cake display containers have a temperature tolerance of -10 ~120 °F (-23 ~49 °C) so you can store in your freezer, fridge, or cold case worry-free!

  • Clear durable container
  • Lid and base sold together
  • Hold desserts up to 10" high
  • Temperature tolerance -10 ~120 °F (-23 ~49 °C)

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