Karat 16 oz PET Plastic Tamper Resistant Hinged Deli Container with Lid - 200 ct

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Karat® PET Tamper Resistant Hinged Deli Containers is designed to be tamper-evident and will help keep your customer’s food safe and fresh! These containers are made from recyclable PET material with a temperature tolerance of -10֯ F to 120֯ F. The tamper-resistant deli containers are easy to open and close, making them ideal for customers who are taking their food on-the-go!

  • Durable and yet disposable
  • Safe and fresh food with tamper-evident design
  • Sturdy and crack-resistant to stack and store, or transport easily
  • Easy to open and close, comes with instructions on the lid
  • Crystal clear clarity to display and showcase products attractively
  • Cost-effective packaging solution for the restaurants, cafes, convenient stores, events and gatherings, home storage
  • Available in size 8oz, 12oz, 24oz, and 32oz

Unit Sold By: Case 200 sets (50 pcs/pack; 4 packs/ctn)

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