Karat Earth 6" Bamboo Heart Looped Skewer - 5,000 pcs

SKU: KE-U6026

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Karat Earth 3.5" Bamboo Red Heart Picks are biodegradable and provide a bold sweetheart design to food platters, garnishes, and more!

Your patrons will Love these Karat Earth 3.5" Bamboo Red Heart Picks. These sturdy biodegradable mini skewers tie in wonderfully with love-themed cocktails, Valentine's Day food platters, wedding appetizer plates, and other events! Showcase love with this stylish red heart-shaped design that also provides a flat grip. Karat Earth Bamboo Red Heart Picks are made from food safe bamboo and makes a bold statement when presenting your bite-size foods.

  • Red Heart-shaped design
  • Great for themed-events
  • Made from 100% biodegradable bamboo
  • Available in 6" size (KE-U6116)

Unit Sold By: Case 5,000 skewers (100 pcs per pack / 50 packs per case)

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