Karat Earth 7" Bamboo Knot Skewer - 5,000 ct

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SKU KE-U6017

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Karat Earth 7" Bamboo Knot Skewers are biodegradable and give added style to food platters, garnishes, and more!

  • Trendy knot design
  • Great for themed-events
  • Made from 100% biodegradable bambo
  • Available in 4" size

Use Karat Earth 7" Bamboo Skewers to prepare the perfect charcuterie board, appetizer platter, snack table, or even cocktail garnish. These sturdy biodegradable mini skewers are food safe and have many applications. The knot design offers a stylish option when presenting your bite-size foods. For slightly smaller bites, check out the 4" size.

Unit Sold By: Case 5,000 ct (100 ct per pack / 50 packs per case)

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