Karat 8 oz Gourmet Food Container with Paper Lids (96mm) - 1,000 sets

SKU: FP-GFC8W(1000)-Bundle
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Karat® gourmet food containers are great for both hot and cold food. Send your customers to go with soup, noodles, and more. Our gourmet line offers the convenience of smaller pack sizes and one shared lid size. You can now offer your customers multiple size options for take-out without sacrificing valuable space.

Karat® Paper Lid with 96mm diameter pairs perfectly with our 6-10oz paper food containers or 6-16oz gourmet food containers! It is made from high-quality paper material and will cover your customer’s food until they are ready to use them.

Bundle Details:

Karat 8oz Gourmet Food Container (96mm)

  • Print: White
  • Item Code: FP-GFC8W (1000)

Karat Paper lid for 6-16 oz

  • Print: White
  • Material: Paper
  • Diameter: 96 mm
  • Item Code: C-KDL96-PPRW

Units Sold By: Case 1000 containers and 1000 lids

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