Karat Earth 9" x 9" Mineral Filled PP Hinged Container, 3 compartment - White - 120 ct

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Karat Earth mineral-filled containers are stackable, soak-resistant, and has an audible click to indicate secure closing. This white, one compartment container helps cut down the use of plastic by blending plastic materials with up to 50% of mineral content!

  • Soak-resistant
  • Microwavable takeout containers
  • Stackable containers safe space

This Karat Earth 9"x9" Mineral Filled PP Hinged Container with 3-Compartment is a restaurant supply that's perfect for packing both hot and cold food orders. This container is made with up to 50% mineral content which makes it an eco-friendly choice in your restaurant. The versatile single compartment can easily stack and use without worrying about soaking through and the convenient close tab will keep contents secure, making this piece both practical and easy to use in any situation. Stop using disposable plastic to go containers in favor of these high quality containers today!


  • Size: 9"x9"
  • Color: White
  • Compartment: 3
  • Material: Mineral Content & PP-Polypropylene
  • Available Sizes: 8"x8"
  • Units Sold By: Case 120 containers

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