Tea Zone Cane Sugar Syrup - Bottle (3.8L)

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Tea Zone Cane Sugar Syrup is perfect for sweetening any hot or cold beverage and desserts. Compared to regular white sugar (or refined sugar, granulated sugar or table sugar), cane sugar has less processing procedure which makes it more natural!

Enhance food and drink flavors with cane sugar. It can improve the texture, color and mouthfeel of foods. This natural sweetness brings out and blends the flavors of the ingredients. Tea Zone Cane Sugar Syrup is a good substitute if your recipe requires sugar syrup. It can be served in hot or cold drinks and desserts.

  • Extract from sugarcane
  • Good for hot or cold beverages and desserts
  • Improve taste, color and shelf life of some foods

Unit Sold By: Bottle (3.8 L )

Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Water

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