Tea Zone Dark Brown Sugar Syrup - Bottle (11.2 lbs)

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Tea Zone Dark Brown Sugar Syrup is a perfect choice for making dark brown sugar boba milk tea or adding a sweet and bold brown sugar taste to any drink.

Tea Zone Dark Brown Sugar Syrup has a stronger sweet flavor and unique caramel note, it gives you an easier way to use it as syrup or sauce compared to the raw brown sugar. When boba is coated with this syrup and is kept warm, it will enhance the taste and you will become addicted to it!

  • Vegan
  • Perfect for flavored teas, various other beverages, desserts, etc.
  • To minimize waste and clean up time, combine with Tea Zone’s Syrup Pump

Unit Sold By: Bottle (11.2 lbs)


Fructose Syrup (15%), Brown Sugar (60%), Water (24.9%), Potassium Sorbate (0.10%)

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