Diamond Wipes HandyClean Table Cleaning Wipes Resealable Soft Pack - 12 Packs

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SKU JS-W2050

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Make cleaning hassle-free with these all-purpose wipes. Handyclean™ Table Cleaning Wipes are quicker, more sanitary and a more convenient alternative to spray and rags for cleaning most hard surfaces. No-rinse needed. Convenient packaging ensures that you and your guests can select take out wipes easily while leaving the rest in its original pack.


  • Size: 10.5" x 7.75"
  • Made in USA
  • Reasonably packed
  • Quick and convenient
  • For cleaning most hard surfaces
  • Dries quickly and no need to rinse
  • Fresh cleaning experience with every wipe
  • Shelf Life Up to one year. Store product in cool place away from sun
  • Directions Teat open the packet, wet hands thoroughly with product for 15 seconds and discard
  • Unit Sold By: Case of 12 packs (80 wipes per pack)

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