Tea Zone Grass Jelly Powder - Bag (2.2 lbs)

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Grass jelly is made by boiling the aged and slightly oxidized stalks and leaves of Platostoma palustre (Mesona chinensis) for several hours with a little starch and then cooling the liquid, creating a jelly-like consistency. The jelly is a translucent dark brown or black color. Tea Zone Grass Jelly Powder usually needs to cook with Tea Zone Grass Jelly to give a full-body flavor.

Tea Zone Grass Jelly Powder can be served cold or hot. The form of hot jelly is liquid and is a traditional Asian dessert served with toppings, like taro lump, red beans, green beans, mochi, taro balls, and boba. It is perfect for adding texture to your milk tea or herb tea.

  • Jiggly texture
  • Refreshing herb flavor
  • Can be served in Hot or Cold
  • Use with Tea Zone Grass Jelly (B2001)
  • Store in a vacuum sealed power container and always use a dry, clean powder scoop
  • Securely sealed and designed to be resealable after opening to maintain the quality of the powder

Unit Sold By: Bag (2.2 lbs)

Ingredients: Sugar, Vegetable Gum, Grass Jelly Powder, Potassium Chloride, Silicon Dioxide

*Product image may vary due to different packaging design, product remians the same as described.

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Customer Reviews

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Good taste, good price, enjoyable!

I love this jelly grass drink, it brings the memories back of childhood. I use one table spoonful for a cup of boiling water, you can put more or less it depends on your taste. You can drink it hot or cold. Thanks to Lollicup Inc. for caring this product! I will definitely come back again!