Karat High Density 4-7 Gallon Trash Can Liner (24" x 24"), 6 Micron - 1,000 liners

SKU: JS-LH242406N
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Karat High-Density Trash Bags /Can Liner is the best trash bag for small to medium size trash bins in homes, offices, restrooms, hotels and many more. Clean your business’s waste with ease with these 4-7 gallon trash can liners. Complete your janitorial supplies closet with Karat high-density 24” x 24” liners/ trash bags

  • 4-7 gallon capacity
  • Good for lightweight to medium trash
  • Ideal for small-medium sized trash bins
  • Rolls are compact for easy storage
  • Available in sizes 12-16, 20-30, 33-39, 40-45, and 55-60 gallons.

Unit sold by: Case of 1,000 liners (50pcs x 20 rolls)

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