Karat High Density 55-60 Gallon Trash Can Liner, 38" x 60", 17 Micron - 200 ct

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SKU JS-LH386017N

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Karat® high-density, 55-60 gallon trash can liners are ideal for paper to lightweight trash and is not recommended for sharper objects. They are clear in appearance so that you are able to see the contents inside the bag. These 38” x 60” liners can be used in larger trash bins in areas like kitchens, restaurants, hotels, restrooms and many more. Manage your business’s waste with ease with our high-density trash can liners! Each package provides 200 trash can liners and has 8 rolls with 25 pieces in each.

  • Color : Transparent
  • Capacity : 55-60 Gallon
  • Available in sizes 4-7, 12-16, 33-39, and 40-45 gallons.

Unit sold by: Case of 200 liners (25 pcs x 8 rolls)

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