Hollander Sweet Ground White Chocolate Sauce - Bottle (14 fl oz)

SKU: J-Chocolate-WMS, 14oz bottle
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A classic White Chocolate sauce true to the Master Chocolatiers' vision. Sweet, nutty, and complex flavors of genuine white chocolate are achieved with real cocoa butter and natural vanilla.

  • Made in USA
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Shelf life is 3 weeks once opened
  • Free from GMO, rBST Dairy, Soy, Gluten
  • American Cane Sugar and Sea Salt
  • Sustainably sourced ingredients
  • Natural, Clean Label, & Gourmet Ingredients
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified Cocoa Butter

This 14 oz bottle of Hollander White Chocolate Café Sauce is perfect for creating delicious cafe-style beverages. It tastes good and is also good on the environment because it uses Rainforest Alliance Certified Cocoa Butter.

Ingredients: Inverted cane sugar, water, sweetened condensed milk (rBST Free), cocoa butter*, natural vanilla, Contains less than 1% combined: natural flavor, Acacia gum, sea salt, potassium sorbate.

*Rainforest Alliance Certified. Find out more at RA.org

Unit Sold By: Bottle (14 fl oz)

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