Karat Earth PFAS Free Bagasse Cutlery Kits (Knife, Fork, Soup Spoon, 2-ply Napkin), Paper Wrapped - 250 sets

SKU: KE-BU5100
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Karat Earth Bagasse Cutlery Kits includes a knife, fork, soup spoon, and a 2-ply napkin, making it ideal for a wide range of culinary occasions. You can rely on these kits to serve everything from soups and salads to main courses and desserts. These all-in-one, eco-friendly dining solutions are designed to make your meals not only convenient but also environmentally responsible.

Made from natural bagasse and wrapped in biodegradable paper, this eco-conscious utensil redefines convenience and sustainability. Being PFAS-free, there are no harmful chemicals in our utensils, ensuring that your meals are not only delicious but also entirely safe for your health and the environment.

  • Stylish natural color complements any table setting.
  • Lightweight and portable for easy on-the-go meals.
  • Compostable in industrial facilities for further sustainability.


  • Color: Natural
  • Material: Bagasse
  • Wrapper: Paper
  • Type: Cutlery Kits (Knife, Fork, Soup Spoon, 2-ply Napkin)
  • Units Sold By: Case 250 sets 

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